Looking for Her


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
IMDb Rating 6.6/10 10 504 504

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by downhalo-66874 4 / 10

Do not trust the ratings, its not good.

I had such high hopes, I adore Christmas movies and was looking forward to this one, but yikes what a let down, the acting was horrendous, the script was paced so poorly it honestly felt like nothing was happening until finally oh wait no, nothing happened, it was the most cookie of cutters plot and yet some how what came out was blah..

Love, Classified while not brilliant either was at least believable, the actors had chemistry and it showed, it was clear from minute one that this was not the case in Looking for her... But seriously lets get back to the writing/acting... yikes.. am I just expecting too much for 2022? Has the quality of these Christmas productions fallen so far that 'utter garbage' is the standard?

I sure as heck hope not, utterly disappointed, now to the other reviews posting 10/10 one after another, please stop! You all know it is no such thing, representation is important but poorly acted written and produced representation being flooded with insincere reviews is not helping anyone.

4/10 at best, and that's being very generous.

Reviewed by A_S_87 10 / 10

A Feel Good Holiday Flick

A feel good holiday flick. Yes,the beginning does feel somewhat stretched but an enjoyable movie nonetheless. The chemistry between the leads are amazing. Cinematography is good and doesn't give off that low budget vibe that many independent movies have. This could easily have been an Hallmark holiday movie.

Alexandra Swarens the writer, producer, editor, director and lead actor of this movie is a real gem. Her work is excellent, hopefully she continues to create content for a long time to come (and hopefully that content includes herself and Olivia ;-).

PS. If you enjoy the movie, do consider donating to her future projects, details on Violet Wave Production's YouTube channel.

Reviewed by kidd107 9 / 10

Cute holiday film

Overall, this is a cute holiday movie. The two leads have good chemistry from the start, and it's refreshing to see how their attraction develops naturally and with minimal angst or contention. The drama between Taylor and her parents that led to the whole fake relationship setup is handled gracefully and tugs at the heartstrings in all the right places. The rapport among the actors playing Taylor, Olive, Cheryl, and Frank is so funny and warm that it would have been nice to see more screen time devoted to that and to the blossoming romance. As it was, the initial setup dragged quite a bit with almost thirty minutes of story before the two leads finally meet. But beyond that pacing issue, Looking for Her is a fun and adorable film I'd be happy to add to my annual holiday watchlist.

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