Love Virtually



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Top cast

Cheri Oteri as Dr. Evelyn
Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Divine
Bunny Levine as Viv's Grandma
Paul F. Tompkins as Chatbot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by c_a_simone 10 / 10

SO ridiculous it is fantastic, being into gaming helps

I'm calling it now, this is going to become a cult classic.

Hilariously satirically and yet totally on point for current VR/Gaming/Influencer/Social media culture.

I have no affiliation with this film, I know no one in it, nor connected to it. Least not to my knowledge. This is a completely unbiased opinion.

The acting is great, the sound track works, the directing, all of it.

My guess that the currently low review score is that the watcher must be into one of the sub-cultures I mentioned above to understand the jargon. Otherwise, all the jokes, will go straight over ones head.

I loved it, found it extremely entertaining, silly smile plastered on my face the whole time sort of funny. :D.

Reviewed by Charliesafari333 1 / 10

the worst of 2023, maybe all time

This movie is two thumbs way down. The acting is atrocious, defining complex levels of unappealing bore, an absolutely dull and lazy storyline, and unprofessional exposure of amateur filmmaking, lacking any form of validation to have been even completed as a project. This embarrassing display fantasizes society's least important and most shameful aspect... Simulated artificial identity and the extremely shallow social status superficially earned; this film is designed for lazy losers who want to stim off conceptual fake reality, aimed toward sad shallow societal outcasts, who confuse a lack of hard work and lack of accomplishments with self victimization. This is easily on the list of top 10 worst of all time. I will reiterate, it was the lousy storyline and script that ruined the film.

Reviewed by / 10

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