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2022 [FINNISH]

Action / Comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teroamakela 1 / 10

Comedy is a talent, but this movie has none of it

This movie made by Finnish Youtubers was just awful. I hate to say this, since I don't like to give negative reviews, but I honestly have nothing good to say about movies like this one.

For years everybody has been complaining how awful Timo Koivusalo's Pekko movies were in the 90's and here we are in the year 2022 and we are seeing exactly the same kind of idiotic hillbilly humor that ignites no one.

And don't get me wrong, I do like low-class humor and B-class jokes and movies like Anchorman, but when something isn't funny then it just isn't funny. It's not the quality of the joke, but it's just the definition which is funny and which is not.

Reviewed by onnialbert 3 / 10

I respect the effort, but as a cinema movie this just doesn't work

The structure if the story was all over the place. After the big climax, there was a sooo long epilogue of slow-paced and unintresting scenes.

The story was super predictable and the main character did not have that much personality... AND THEY DID NOT TELL HIS NAME! I assume they assume the viewers have watched their youtube channel. It just is weird. There is so many random characters in this movie.

Speaking of the characters I think only the villains were interesting. The main protagonists did not have any interesting plotpoints and all of the suspence was on the SIDE-STORY!

The actors were great! I think they saves this movie for me.

I really, really appreciate Biisonimafia as a content creator team, but as filmmakers, they are not yet there.

I love their work, but I was hoping for a movie that lived up to it's hype.

Reviewed by skosonen 10 / 10

Imagine a world without cars or motorcycles, only mopeds

Funny, clever, surprising and full of action! Imaginary world of teenage boys (and those who once were such) with no cars, no motorcycles - only mopeds. Lot of cool stunts - with mopeds of course.

The script of the movie was well written and the plot was not predictable but left the viewer with a joyful feeling.

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