Mercy Road



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Top cast

Toby Jones as The associate
Luke Bracey as Tom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10

Well made

After committing an impulsive, vicious crime while searching for his missing daughter, Tom (Luke Bracey) goes on the run from law enforcement. He's trapped in his truck, trying desperately to reach his daughter Ruby (Martha Kate Morgan), dealing with calls from his ex Terri (Alex Malone), having hostage negotiators call and most frightening, talking to The Associate (Toby Jones), a man who asks him how far he'll go to save his child.

Directed by John Curran, who wrote this with Jesse Heffring and Christopher Lee Pelletier, this film asks a lot of Bracey who more than overdelivers. He's the only character on screen for so much of this and we're trapped inside the same space that he is.

Shot on a virtual set, we never really see much of what exists outside the inside of the truck. And that's perfect. When so many movies give everything away, this is one that remains ambiguous, even at times frustratingly so. Yet I see any limitations as positives, as this feels like an experiment and a director and lead trying to do something different. A man is falling to pieces and he can't stop driving, trying to fix things that can't be fixed. Now that's a movie.

Reviewed by HorrorFilmHellion 2 / 10

I ended up skipping forward

I struggle to watch a film like this where I stare at a character that is busy talking through a phone the whole time. The short summary: a dude is in a frantic state of mind while he's white knuckle driving and yelling through a phone with several different characters. There are some tidbits of info and an intense sound score, so you can eventually figure out what has happened, but that's the gist of the whole feature. Maybe there's a metaphor in here, or maybe it's as simple as it sounds, I dont know, but I ended uo skipping forward to relieve the monotony. Added a star for the spider scene.

Reviewed by ian-newson-201-257622 7 / 10

A very good thriller which leaves some things ambiguous

This has Lynch and Hitchcock vibes.

This is mostly a about a man driving while trying to do something about a massive crisis in his life.

He does something heinous, but understandable, and we/he left to pick up the pieces.

There's something so interesting about this and modern life. People say "you never know what's going on in someone's life", but in this case his daughter is missing but still the people he works with are complaining about a task he should've done two days ago. As a viewer that's obviously a distraction.

However the most interesting thing is how the protagonist can't be trusted, but I believe the picture was real.

But was the associate real, or was that something he invented as a coping mechanism to justify what he did to save his daughter?

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