Mike Birbiglia: The Old Man and the Pool



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justsixblack 9 / 10

More Than Just Standup

Mike Birbiglia and Neal Brennan have transcended standup. Both of their latest specials on Netflix have left me with more than just laughter. Both of these phenomenal specials left me with deep thought but without the weight of it all. It's mature comedy in the sense it's for people who've lived some life. Life is hard, and we need to laugh. We MUST laugh.

As a lifelong standup fan, I'm at the age where the one-liners aren't doing it for me anymore. I want stories. I want to relate. I want connection. And Mike Birbiglia's "The Old Man & The Pool" and Neal Brennan's "Blocks" do exactly that through immersive, humorous storytelling.

Reviewed by wmikehemleppjr 10 / 10

Mike Birbiglia has transcended comedy

I have thoroughly enjoyed Mike Birbiglia's work for years now, but I realized watching "The New One" and then this special "The Old Man and the Pool" that he isn't a comedian. He is an exquisite storyteller and a talented comedian, for sure. But Mike has become a "humorist". His work, either written or performed live, is imbued with pathos, intelligence, poetry, and insight. A mediation on life, health, and death, his new special is genuinely funny and also moving. I identified with so many of his musings that I recognized myself in his presentation.

Mike Birbiglia is a humorist in the same breath as America's other favorite humorists. Mark Twain, Erma Bombeck, and Garrison Keillor. Watching this special was like sitting down and enjoying a good book. You finish it deeply satisfied and better for the experience.

Reviewed by thejdrage 9 / 10

Needed a good laugh and got several

Okay - I've had a lot of death in my life this month (happy holidays) - and when The Old Man and The Pool popped up, I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose.

I have not laughed and smiled so much in ages! His description of talking to professionals is the way that I wish I could do it! (So I sent them all messages to watch this Netflix special.)

Birbiglia's routine is absolutely clean!! My vocabulary is not, but I certainly enjoyed being able to recommend his Lincoln Center (LINCOLN FRICKING CENTER!) show to friends and family who prefer the scatological language be at a minimum. And there was none - that I heard.

This is a great hour of humor and comedy if you need to just escape from the real world for a while and join him in his.

It's a fun ride.

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