Mirror Mirror


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 2102 2.1K

Top cast

Yvonne De Carlo as Emelin
Karen Black as Susan Gordon
Stephen Tobolowsky as Mr. Anderson
William Sanderson as Mr. Veze
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whammy666 8 / 10

Underrated film

This film is excellent, and it is so underrated. The atmosphere is good. Excellent acting...Rainbow Harvest does a great performance as Megan. Karen Black does a fairly good performance as the wacky mother. The ending to this film is one of the most brilliant endings I have seen in my lifetime. No other ending like it. The film is not really scary, thought I am sure some may find it scary. I like the look of the mirror, also. Special effects are pretty good for the low budget.Film is hard to find to rent, best bet is either to buy the MIRROR, MIRROR COLLECTION (worth the 20 bucks just for the first 2 films, 3 and are crap) or to go to a Ma and Pa Video Store. Recommended for horror fans everywhere! 8/10

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

...who's the gothiest of them all?

Teenager Megan Gordon (Rainbow Harvest) styles herself after Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice, which makes her a laughing stock at her new school, which is populated exclusively by preppy types. Nikki Chandler (Kristin Dattilo), candidate for school president, befriends Megan, but doesn't realise the danger she is putting herself in by doing so, for Megan is being controlled by the demonic force that resides behind the glass of the antique mirror in her bedroom.

While not particularly original, the idea of mirrors as portals for evil having existed for centuries, Mirror Mirror proves to be an entertaining piece of early '90s horror thanks to strong performances from a decent cast, solid direction by first-time director Marina Sargenti, and several memorable set-pieces, including a blistering shower scene.

As Megan is slowly seduced by the malevolent being on the other side of her mirror, she sets about evening the score with her tormentors, which means giving school bully Charleen (drop-dead-gorgeous Charlie Spradling) a nose bleed in the cafeteria, causing science teacher Mr. Anderson (Stephen Tobolowsky) to have a seizure, and scaring nosy house clearance lady Emelin (Yvonne De Carlo) away from her prized possession.

Eventually, Megan's power spirals out of control, resulting in death: when Charleen's boyfriend Jeff (Tom Bresnahan) spurns her affection, Megan feeds him to the demon; Emelin is impaled by a shard of glass; Megan's mother Susan (played by horror icon Karen Black) has her arm mangled by the waste disposal; and Nikki's boyfriend Ron (Ricky Paull Goldin) is killed by an evil doppelganger of his girlfriend. Best of all is Charleen's death while taking the aforementioned shower: a totally naked Spradling (so hot that she even out-scorched Sherilyn Fenn in Meridian) is scalded all over by jets of steam.

All of this is so much fun that it's easy to forgive the slightly overlong runtime, the rather confusing ending, and William Sanderson's limp ponytail.

Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10

Fair horror film, capably acted

"Mirror, Mirror" is at its best in the first half, with its simple but effective depiction of school life. In the second half, a few of the death scenes leave something to be desired, but others (bathtub drowning) are good. Karen Black and Yvonne De Carlo may be the draws in the cast, but it's their younger co-stars that do almost all the hard work: Rainbow Harvest makes a believable transformation from a "Winona Ryder in Bettlejuice" - wannabe to a wicked villainess, Kristin Dattilo is also convincing as one of the sweetest persons you'll ever meet, and Charlie Spradling plays the spoiled b*tch to perfection (and is downright GORGEOUS to boot). The movie does seem to go on a bit too long, but stick with it because the ending is the cleverest part. (**1/2)

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