Move Me No Mountain



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dtittone 9 / 10

Grief and Isolation

Writer, Director, and Cinematographer Deborah Richards delivers a powerful film about loss, grief, and isolation in her feature "Move Me No Mountain." Actress Cat Lellie provides a riveting performance as a grieving mother (Jenna Anderson) who succumbs to her own grief. As she begins to separate herself from society, she ultimately decides to join the homeless population of Las Vegas. Through this, Deborah Richards brilliantly captures the underbelly of society, and the trials and tribulations that occur on the streets of many cities across America. Everything about his movie works, and works well. I highly recommend "Move Me No Mountain."

Reviewed by baccaruda1 8 / 10

A compelling, well-composed indie film

When done right, there isn't anything fun about homelessness. And also when done right, homelessness can create a compelling narrative, especially when every day bring new challenges, both banal and terrifying. I recall a scene in the brilliant Terry Gilliam film "The Fisher King" where a TV executive wants to create a series about HAPPY street people. Of course that scenario was absurd and the movie showed exactly why. Because most of the challenges these people face must feel like trying to nudge a mountain from bedrock, and when even small victories still seem like Sisyphus toiling to get that boulder back to the top of the mountain, only to have it roll to the bottom, every day, for eternity. Decidedly NOT happy, that's for sure. Triple threat writer/director/editor Deborah Richards has crafted a narrative that incorporates these elements into her story and brings it to life with beautifully composed shots that underscore the harsh realities of street living, a juxtaposition made even more stark by the glitzy Las Vegas background. Then there's the writing. The script artistically reveals the tragic event that brought realtor Jenna (in a nuanced performance by Cat Lellie) to the streets. Episodic scenes show banal daily struggles that are often sharply collide with the police, unstable street people, sneering civilians, and violent interlopers. It is however, in it's hopeful ending that the film finds a perfect denouement - the love of a child, the return of long-cold motherly instincts, and the possibility that those things could change the lives of two souls who desperately need a new path.

Reviewed by kjs1144 9 / 10

Cinematic Character Study

Move Me No Mountain is a completely unique and original movie. A realtor wrestles with the guilt over her daughter's death and falls into a downward spiral in Las Vegas. The film focuses on themes of loss, depression, fear, and survival. The acting was excellent throughout, including some really memorable performances by a couple of the minor characters. Personally, I really enjoy movies that are character studies and this one is fascinating. I think the thing that impressed me the most though, was the direction by Deborah Richards. I really liked the shot composition and the camera angles throughout the entire film. The images felt very fresh and cinematic. I think that for a film which is a character also have shots that are so cinematic, is exceedingly rare, and deserves recognition. Give this movie a watch!

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