Mr. Anderson's Possessed Car



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by omarproductions-10275 9 / 10

A clever horror comedy film.

"Mr. Anderson's Possessed Car" is a clever horror comedy film that stands out from the rest. The story of a devout Christian man who buys a car possessed by the ghost of it's previous owner - a druggie who blows his brains out with a gun rather than be arrested for drug possession - it effectively uses horror tropes and social stereotypes ( donut loving cops, horny housewives ) to poke fun at modern life. The over the top acting, especially by lead actor Stephen Thomas, suits the movie perfectly. Writer director Maria Galindo does great job of not only telling the story, but of keeping the it moving along in the right horror/comedy tone throughout. The cinematography, art direction, and sound were all exceptional. All in all, a possessed car movie that ranks up there with "Christine" and "The Car."

Reviewed by weserstephen 4 / 10

Avery funny film

Mr Anderson Possessed Car by film maker Maria Galindo. Is a very funny film. In which a Jesus freak comes into possession of a haunted 1992 Honda Accord station wagon. Hilarity insues after said Mr Anderson must deal with this car and all the characters along the way. It's horror meets humor ala a black comedy. Great to curl up on couch with favorite beverage and snacks and significant other and laughs one butt off. Enjoy a film that pokes fun at society now and has screwball characters. The cinematography is top notch lot of in your face shots. Guerilla style filming. All filmed at well know San Antonio locations. Using a cast of all San Antonio actors. Ms Galindo previous work includes Slice of life Barcelona and Witch hour all done by Mayhem Film Creations. Good and enjoy.

Reviewed by dtittone 8 / 10

Crazy Fun

Director and Writer Maria Galindo, known for "A Slice of Life in Barcelona," continues to deliver creative films. In "Mr. Anderson's Possessed Car," Director and Writer Maria Galindo accomplishes a lot with very little. With a micro-budget of only nine hundred dollars, Maria illustrates that guerrilla filmmaking is still very alive and can be effective with a good concept. Maria delivers a fun and crazy film with a plethora of over-the-top characters placed in crazy situations. In the end, if you're looking for a great escape, watch Maria's "Mr. Anderson's Possessed Car," and find out what happens when a man is stuck with a 'possessed car!'

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