Murder Made Easy


Comedy / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.3/10 10 211 211


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChristopherJohnsonActor 9 / 10

Very well written and played out!!!

This was one of the best low budget movies I've seen recently! Absolutely twisted and funny! Great work!

Reviewed by aprilsfriendorin 5 / 10

A low budget thriller that is entertaining despite flaws

The premise of the movie is interesting enough- a couple decide to murder people who wronged a woman's ex-husband. The start of the film is pretty lackluster- the acting, particularly that of the main character, is very mediocre and makes it difficult to focus on the scenes. The camera-work and overall quality is also very indicative of the low budget. However, the film picks up and gets more interesting as it goes on. The second guest, Cricket, is especially a delight. As the plot unravels, you're kept wondering what's going to happen. It's also not as predictable as one might think. Ultimately, it's far from the best murder movie out there, but the combination of suspense and humor will keep you going.

Reviewed by ksf-2 8 / 10

caper. what's really going on here?

Joan (Jessica Graham) and Michael (Chris Kelly) throw a party for their friends. But.. they are having it on the very anniversary of the death of Joan's husband. And that is sure to make the guests a little suspicious. Although this is a different kind of dinner party.... you'll have to watch to see it. The whole night takes place in the apartment. And there are major twists and turns, so look out! Really good. Written and directed by David Palamaro. Has only directed four films so far. I liked it.... keeps you guessing all the way right up to the end.

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