My Tiny Universe


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.2/10 10 260 260


Top cast

Debi Mazar as Bonnie
John Heard as Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caprimulgusvociferus 10 / 10

A film which uses excellent acting and dialog to carry the plot.

I almost did not watch this movie due to the low rating on this website, then I noticed that the two non-US ratings averaged 9.5 compared to the thirteen US ratings which averaged 4. Not that I have anything against Americans (I am an American), but too many Americans have become accustomed to relying on action to carry plot and are willing to accept sub-par acting. Let's face it, Vin Diesel is not a quality actor. Anyway, I decided to take the chance and watch the movie and I am glad that I did. This movie was fun and engaging, and rarely do I find myself laughing out loud so frequently while watching a movie. I rated this movie a 10 compared to other comedies for this reason (not that any comedy compares to good drama). Sure, the set is limited to one apartment (in the vein of HurlyBurly or Tape), but the performances carry the plot well.

Reviewed by atombee 10 / 10

Amazing ensemble work in dark but hilarious farce

Saw "My Tiny Universe" at the AFI Film Festival yesterday. Logged in to see what others had to say. Nothing yet, so let me be the first!

This is simply a wonderful movie with great performances from everybody. It shifts rapidly from dark to light ... very intelligent and very funny, laugh out-loud (not just me, the whole audience) comedy.

I can't single out a performer for praise. All were wonderful and the chemistry between them was magical.

Great music too. This is the kind of movie that makes the whole realm of independent movies so special.

Kudos to all, esp. the writers/directors Glenn Scantlebury and Lucy Phillips, for being able to bring this cast together.

Reviewed by writtenbymkm-583-902097 1 / 10

intensely obnoxious

They call this a comedy!!?? Not funny. Not entertaining. When a movie opens with a total loser, I know it's going to be really bad. When that total loser is also one of the most intensely obnoxious and annoying people on the planet, without an ounce of humor, it's going to be horrible. And when I fast-forward a few times and the same intensely obnoxious loser is being as annoying as possible, still without even a hint of humor, I turn the movie off (or walk out). I know I sound sarcastic, but seriously, is this really supposed to be enjoyable and entertain me and make me laugh? Absolutely no way. P.S. If there exists an entire genre of "be as annoying as possible but not in a humorous or entertaining way" movies, I wish they'd get a name for it and clearly label them, so I wouldn't have to be subjected to them. Have a nice day -- M

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