Nuovo Olimpo

2023 [ITALIAN]

Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 7.2/10 10 3151 3.2K
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jromanbaker 10 / 10

Beautifully Directed, Beautifully Acted

For anyone who is intrigued by the film's title, it is a cinema that shows retro films and is frequented by bisexual and homosexual men for sexual pleasure, and they also see quality films like Pasolini's ' Mamma Roma ' if they want to. The film takes place in Rome, and starting with the 1970's moves forward to our current decade. What links the time span is the enduring love of two men, both bisexual but tending more towards same sex attraction. At a certain point an accident makes them lose each other, and over time they find other partners, one of them female the other male. If you maybe thinking this is kind of like Ira Sach's ' Passages ' it is in my opinion a million miles away from it. Incidentally both films coming out in this troubled year of 2023. Also in my opinion I think this a great film that will last the test of time, and now I should add why. Andrea Di Luigi is perfect as the student doctor, shy at first and Damiano Gavino as a budding film director who is more forceful in his initial approach are perfect in their roles. The sexuality is as truthfully honest as can be and the actors do not shy away from what we so discreetly call their ' private ' parts and bravo to them for doing so. Rare in a mainstream film, and it is all natural and not crying out for publicity. Luisa Ranieri who is the cashier in the cinema moves with us in time, and she gives a powerful performance equal to the men, and in one no spoilers scene moved me to tears with her honesty and moving depiction of what we call unconditional love. No spoilers as to the ending, slightly spoiled by a scene back in the 1970's. The real ending for me which preceded it reminded me of the empty physical place at the end of Antonioni's ' L'Eclisse ' and needed no follow up scene that almost bordered on sentimentality. Ferzan Ozpetek is one of the finest directors we have and I repeat this is a truly great film, and does not beg for attention. In not doing so I hope he gets it and some awards.

Reviewed by yeldarbwow 9 / 10


Combine beautiful Italy, romance and memories of the people we've loved and for me, this was a beautiful & moving movie. I've often been aware of the power of a decision to instantly change the course of one's life & Nuovo captures this well. It's hard to not be aware how life would have been completely different, if a different decision was made. Near the end, I found myself crying & yelling at my TV screen...go, go, GO. And I was reminded of another favorite movie...The Bridges of Madison County. Even though it wasn't the ending I was longing for, it was still perfect. I'll be recommending this movie to quite a few friends. Bravo to the writers, directors & actors in this movie. Job well done!.

Reviewed by gucchiri 10 / 10

2 thumbs-up amazing film!!!

Wow! This movie is just much much more than what I expected before I watched, all character roles are very well played, especially the 2 main leading actors, 2 thumps up to the scripts too!

The movie began from late 70's to 2015, the make-up transitions are well done, just up to what was needed.

The music and songs in it are beautifully made and perfectly matching to the movie background.

This is not just a simple regular gay movie because the 2 leading actors could be said bi-sexual, it's about the once in a life time unforgettable love they found from each other, even being together only for few days.

The ending scene is good too when Pietro paused, turned, as if he wanted to chase Earnesto for more, complicated feeling well delivered, though finally he accepted this is so-called life.

I do look forward to more movies like this keep coming to move us all along. Thanks you!!!

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