Obsessed to Death



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Holland Roden as Cassie Collins
Kathryn Kohut as Summer Ray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10


How obsessed can one person be? It is tough to understand why some people do the things they do. Mental health being a key here - and not being able to see that. Although to be fair, there are some people here, who are on her case and are able to see her for what she actually is! One of them with not just a good radar when it comes to sexuality but also sanity - no pun intended.

There are certain scenes that you may cringe at - you may feel that the good girl here may be a bit too gullible ... and you may have an issue that our main character is as mas as one can be. Still well played and for a predictable thriller such as this is ... well made too. Not many surprises here - but apart from the well done in every department, the ending and that look is priceless ... and almost worth the 7 I gave the movie alone ...

Reviewed by ryleilove 5 / 10

Much better than expected

Typically with movies like this you don't expect much but I cannot lie, ending this one I felt satisfied and shocked. From the acting to the storyline it was very well executed. I would have to say there's a review before mine that everything they said I agree with. Especially Summers apt I need the location asap because it was really nice.

Good job with this one.

Reviewed by beyoubebetter 6 / 10

Not Bad

This was an entertaining film. I was not expecting much and I turned out to be pleasantly surprised. The acting was better quality than a lifetime movie. Very relevant to our world today. I do have one (1) question... Where is Summer's apartment located?!?! LoVE it!!!

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