OneFour: Against All Odds


Crime / Documentary / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95%
IMDb Rating 6.7/10 10 302 302

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tristanlinds-40199 10 / 10

Great insight, great story

This is a pretty important doco for all Australians, and also non Australians to see. Amazing insight on these lads growing up in Western Sydney, and into how the Australian police force enforces censorship.

Shows a harsh reality of friends growing up in the rougher parts of Australia, then discovering music and using it to tell their stories in a raw form, why? Because that was their reality. Music should make you feel something, and ONEFOUR's absolutely does. But powers that be don't like people expressing themselves if it doesn't conform to their ideals.

They were no angels but don't deserve the treatment they have received and continue to receive from NSW police, when they are trying to better their lives and tell their story.

Reviewed by pigsrings 1 / 10

So many unanswered questions

But did any of you not see that guy laying on the ground in the pub with 3 men stomping their feet onto his head?? Plus 3 out of the 4 one four members have served time in gaol for gang related violence.

Sydney was getting out of control. That's the only reason the police created new laws to be able to better deal with the violence. They didn't have any power to deal with it that's why the laws were created.

And sure EX gang members deserve a second chance. These guys should get a second change IF they have really left all their criminal activities behind them.

I want to know what grounds the police had their final search warrant for, you don't get a search warrants just for s&8ts and giggles. And also was the final act stopped or was the searching by the police done after One Four performed. The ending was very rushed and seemed to be brushed over. Hmmm.

Reviewed by jiordybabe 10 / 10

Honest, Raw and Real

This documentary is amazing. Personally, I'd seen them live at a festival 2 years ago and didn't know a lot. This was an insight and made me think twice. The message was clear and I think they should be nothing but proud of this. I hope it reaches people and questions their thinking - must watch for sure.

You can see the clear divide between people who have remained on the picket fence side of life and the everyday people just trying to make it. Sometimes people forget empathy and the biggest takeaway is that the NSW police are out of touch with reality and need a scapegoat. They should probably start looking towards real issues because one four isn't what they make it out to be.

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