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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thatguysfan 1 / 10

Bland, boring, and unlikeable characters.

So this movie feels like they wanted to make a Jordan Peele movie, just without a decent director, good writing, passable talent, or anything interesting or creative.

Every character is a 2D characture, just there to fill overused and bland role. It's almost a paint by numbers with, first impression of a character on screen and you already know what they're going to be.

From the moment we enter the house, they begin to throw every cheap scare in the book. If you've seen any horror movie you can play a drinking game with how predictable this movie is.

Finally the movie's pacing is just a drag. Half way through and you're still waiting for anything to happen besides the main character brooding.

Reviewed by amb-12514 1 / 10

Just plain horrible!

This movie was just plain awful. Made no sense in the least. Bad acting, especially by the kids and plot was a hot mess. Don't waste your time watching it. If I could've marked a thumbs down ? on Max, I would have, so that's why I had to make my comments on here. Definitely received a higher rating than deserved. I would have given it anywhere from a 4.0 or below!! That would have certainly made me not bother to watch it..and I am a huge an of horror movies. This belongs in the 'flop movie's' category. Again, don't waste your time watching it. Just plain dumb, horrible and you'll never get back what you put into it.

Reviewed by jmbovan-47-160173 3 / 10

Rather bland ghost story.

Rather bland ghost story haunted house movie. The overall quality of the lighting didn't help aa it just made the movie dark. Plotting was standard, and it was lacking in originality. There were several elements from other ghost stories and movies that I was guessing ahead of time and sticking the landing.

The efforts of the film makers to bring social relevance to the film by entwining the history of hatred from slavery and racism didn't have the impact that was needed. (Get Out this isn't, and doesn't come close.) Instead, this is simply the plotting and setting to place the movie, but it tries to make it more relevant because of slavery and racism. There is no attempts for understanding of the intergenerational aspects of slavery, or the social impacts of racism that is inherent in our world.

Acting is decent but mildly stereotypical for this genre and subject matter. That appeared more the do with the script than the actors. Overall, it was watchable but not interesting.

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