Action / Mystery / Thriller

Top cast

Arte Johnson as Jackie
Raymond Burr as William Orbison
Gene LeBell as Fighter
Susan Saint James as Linette Orbison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leebey 9 / 10

Great movie that should be released on video.

The private eye genre had something of a rebirth in the late 1960s, most notably with Paul Newman's excellent "Harper,'' Frank Sinatra's "Tony Rome'' movies and James Garner doing a nice turn as "Marlow.'' But George Peppard merits a tip of the fedora for his work in this forgotten goodie, "P.J.'' Peppard's PJ is hired as a bodyguard for a fat-cat's (played by a menacing Raymond Burr) mistress, unleashing a plot of double-crosses and, eventually murder. Peppard is great as a wisecracking P.J. Detwieler and the above average script is perfectly matches to his rapid-fire, half-bemused delivery. Gayle Hunnicutt is great as the kept woman, the fantastic (and overlooked)Brock Peters turns up in small, but pivotal role and a young, "pre-MacMillan and Wife'' Susan Saint James spews a few deliciously catty lines. And there is a great ending. Sadly, "PJ" can't be found on video or DVD. And I haven't seen it aired on tv since I saw it (and recorded it, luckly) when a Chicago station aired it 1986. Too bad. This little gem deserves to be seen.

Reviewed by sbrowan 9 / 10

Peppard at his best!

I saw this movie many years ago and it has stuck in my mind. I have always felt that someone made a huge mistake by not having George Peppard reprise this role for a TV series...it was classic George Peppard...definitely at his best. It is my understanding that it has never been released on video, DVD, etc. If someone knows otherwise, I would certainly like to know, too. After all, we don't have George Peppard or Raymond Burr anymore and they were both excellent in this film. The character seemed to be created just for George Peppard and he was certainly up to the challenge. I have seen clips from this movie used in later films (i.e., the scene of the car coming down the mountain with no brakes and him running it along the wall on the right and into garbage cans, etc. on the left). Wish I could see the whole movie again.

Reviewed by pendoc-1 10 / 10

Re-release this film!

This is a film about a smart, irreverent PI who gets pulled into a conspiracy and sorts it out. Excellent script, dialog, and plot.

This film, in its theatrical release version, may have been suppressed. There's a fair amount of non-PC gay bashing which could have ruffled some feathers.

The film was cleaned up for TV in the mid-70's. It was heavily re-edited, objectionable portions were removed, and possibly there were new scenes shot that were not in the theatrical release -- some of the plot twists are different. The TV version lost much of the punch of the original and is deservedly forgotten.

I've been looking for a print/tape/DVD of the theatrical version for years, but I doubt one will ever surface.

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