Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night


Horror / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atinder 8 / 10

Better the US sequel

This movie Japanese spin off or there own sequel to the original American Paranormal Activity.

Her brother is filming (One of the others reviews already said it start, so I not going repeat that) his sister Home coming, she as just back from US but involved in Car crash, that broke her legs and as to be in wheel chair, Brother has to care of her until she get back on her feet.

This movie did have the some of same idea like US one but they use it different way as it they put bit of salt on floor but it get blown away, it just like powder scene in US version which is was much better scene.

Also liked the fact that girl was pulled by her hair in this movie and dragged from the bed. (Hair replaced the ankle)

They soon found that girl who died in crash in US, pass evil thing to her after the crash.

It may seem a bit like of re-harsh of the first movie for most of time, the ending was really good,

Some really good entertaining moments near the end and some really good scare that creepy you out (scary stuff that happens out of the house)

I enjoyed this movie a lot more then US sequel.

Really good movie

Reviewed by Fields201 6 / 10

More like Tokyo Nights

When I first heard about a Japanese take on Paranormal Activity, I thought it was a joke. Then I saw the trailer for it and thought it looked horrible. Being a big fan of Paranormal Activity films, I really wanted to see it. Unfortunately, they didn't release it here in America, and I'm still waiting. However, I managed to get that chance to watch it but I couldn't understand a word they were saying since there was no subtitles on the transfer I saw.

To be honest, this film feels just like the first Paranormal Activity. It begins with the guy in front of the mirror adjusting his camera, a lot like Micah's opening scene on the first one. Then he goes out to his driveway to a car where some girl is..... hmmm... feels like the first Paranormal Activity again. But unlike the first Paranormal Activity, it begins with something happening early on in the film. He puts a mound of sugar on the door and finds out that it mysteriously gets wiped all over the floor.

I also like that they kept the whole Night #1 title card that the Paranormal Activity films have. The unfortunate thing is that the first half of the film just feels like a rehash of the first one. Doors opening and closing, the girl screams out of her sleep, sometimes just going nuts for some reason. As I'm watching, I'm waiting for something different to happen. It has to offer something new eventually.

It does.

For the last thirty minutes or so of the film, things get a little crazy. There's a moment in the film that is creepier than any of the American Paranormal Activity films never achieved. I won't spoil it, but let's just say you will know when you see it. There's also a little twist in the end, where you think it's going to end the same way as the first film.... but it doesn't.

Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night is a worthy entry in the Paranormal Activity series. It does tie into the franchise and worth a watch if you like these films. Next time I see it, I'm watching it with subtitles so I know what they're talking about. There's a lot of slow parts, though. Then again, so did the American versions.

Reviewed by jmaruyama 5 / 10

Tokyo Night is a tepid and lackluster sequel...

Nagae Toshikazu's Japanese-made sequel to the American horror sensation "Paranormal Activity" (2009) is a tedious and somewhat confusing film that tries to go for the pseudo-documentary/found footage style look of the original but soon degenerates to a by-the-numbers shock film. Its over-the-top finale is self-indulgent and shatters any realism that the film had hoped to accomplish.

"Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Nights" supposedly takes place after the events of "Paranormal Activity"(Tokyo Night was released at around the same time as the American-made sequel "Paranormal Activity 2"). Pretty college student Yamano Haruka (Aoyama Noriko) has returned to Tokyo after getting involved in a severe car accident in San Diego, California where she was studying. She broke both of her legs in the car crash and is now recuperating at her younger brother Koichi's (Nakamura Aoi) house in Tokyo.

No sooner after settling into the two-story house, does strange and unsettling occurrences begin to happen - weird thumping noises are heard in the night, glasses break without explanation, doors open and close by themselves etc. Believing the house to be possessed by evil spirits they call upon a Shinto Priest to do a traditional blessing of the house but to no avail. Soon the poltergeist effects escalate and intensify. Haruka later reveals that the person that she struck with her car in California was none-other-than Katie from the first movie. Haruka surmises that the supposed demon that possessed Katie has now latched on to her.

Nagae Toshikazu is no stranger to the ghost/horror genre having directed "Ghost System" and "Gakko No Kaidan" but as with those films, his tendency to overplay the fear factor does do a disservice to the audience. The pacing and tone of "Tokyo Night" was also a bit weak.

Some of the scenes seem forced and scripted and did not seem to attempt to go for any sense of realism. It was also unconvincing how "conveniently" Koichi was able to capture all these paranormal events on his camera at the precise moment of their occurrence. There didn't seem to be any battery-time limitations to his camera and they seemed to always be on even during the most mundane of sequences.

Aoyama Noriko and Nakayama Aoi do decent work as the haunted siblings but their acting shifts wildly from good to over-the-top.

While Tod Williams' "Paranormal Activity 2" was also a disappointment compared to Oren Peli's original, it still tried to distinguish itself from the original (the use of night-vision technology, expanding on the back story of the original movie etc.) Nagae seems to want to go the other way and draw as much inspiration from the original as he can even going so far as borrowing the same sequences from the original. "Tokyo Night's" only distinction seems to the the setting (Tokyo) and the fact that Haruka is unable to walk (which they don't seem to play up as much as they should have).

It would have been much more interesting if Nagae could have been more inventive with the story (have the setting in an apartment complex or have Koichi broadcast the events to YouTube etc.) It was interesting to see the Shinto blessing/exorcism rituals and I wish they would have played that up more.

In the end, "Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night" seemed to be more like a "one-trick pony". A shameless tie-in and gimmick movie that piggy backs on the success of a much better film.

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