Pay the Lady



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by menhfirebird-17380 10 / 10

Pay the Lady....for a job well done!!

This movie was the epitome of a well done urban gangster flick. I hear it's part of a trilogy, so I'm really stoked to see this series play out. The up-and-coming actors and actresses in the movie did a very well, and believable job. You definitely do amazing things with a limited budget, but you really don't get the feel that this was a low budget film. The action was paced very good, and character build-up was done extremely well. You easily learned who to love and who to hate. Please support these great up-and-coming film makers, so we can continue to get such high quality films. Kudos to a job well done!!

Reviewed by mgrant-84134 10 / 10

Intense thrill-ride of a movie.. Star is a star!

Star Robinson decides she is tired of being abused and decides to use every tool at her disposal to rise up against her abuser and walk away with her dignity and his money. The characters are well-drawn and they are smart. Star Robinson must stay one step ahead, needing to be seductive, cunning and ruthless if she is going to come out alive.

"Pay The Lady" creates a spacious world, where every character, large and small, has plausible motivations. Lauryn Ford carries this movie with a wonderful performance, where you see the character evolve from victim to badass. Dushaun Thompson gives a layered performance that allows his character to rise above a caricature of the evil crime boss.

Reviewed by RBIves-202-725352 9 / 10

Pay the Lady... OR ELSE

This movie knows what it is and has more fun with that fact that you might expect. The twists start early and never really let up through the final minutes. You will hate the characters you're supposed to hate, and shout at the roku TV when you're supposed to shout. Cinematography and production quality is also a step above most of the other stuff you see in this genre. It also doesn't hurt when your lead is a smokeshow.

If you're looking to watch something that will take you on a wild ride, you could do much worse than this. Shout out to the credit music which is a crazy remix of dialogue from the movie and I frikn loved it.

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