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Reviewed by Patient444 4 / 10

Poor man's The Strangers.

When I say "poor man's" I don't refer to cheap, low budget or anything like that. The camera work is quite good, you couldn't really tell it apart from a more professional production, good editing, nice cuts, it all works.

But the rest of the movie is somewhat ridiculous honestly, people that make such bizarre decisions, so much dialogue that does not belong there and one laughable ending.

Very few good things to be said about this one, it has a Strangers vibe mixed with You're Next, but it really didn't work whatsoever, also, something that particularly stood out is the fact that the eye candy comes from a guy, obviously ripped and probably a natty too, that is topless a little more over half the movie. The camera really focused on his physique a lot, it reminded me a little of Return of the Living Dead with the permanently naked chick.

Anyway, it is not something to recommend, not even to pass the time. Luckily it does have one trait that always betrays bad movies: right at the very start, there is a song by a band on stage, and the song, is full. Not a few seconds or scenes for the atmosphere, but an entire song. Now you know.


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