2023 [HINDI]

Action / Drama / History / War

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Priyanshu Painyuli as Major Ram Mehta
Mrunal Thakur as Radha Mehta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamdagnianand 4 / 10

Ishan khattar overacting destroy the core of movie

I think budget of the movie is limited to production of movie are very average.in writing movie lack the depth.u will feel that story is in hurry and leader role should be goven to priyanshu Painyuli rather than overacting ki dukaan Ishan khattar.whenever Priyanshu aka Ram Mehta come at screen he will let u feel that serious war movie is going on but when Ishaan khattar use to come on screen he literally destroyed the whole movie by his overacting. Mrinal thakur is okish in yhis movie bcz she don't have much to do, but whenever Ram Mehta and Soni Razdan come to screen then u will feel the movie n top notch acting.i think this movie is written in hurry without deep work,with less production cost at many places u willfeel like some kindy of fauji serial is running of the screen. They can do far far better than this.so i will give it 5 /10 ⭐

Reviewed by mfrwghyfqn 2 / 10

Bad actors , bad script writers

A chance for a good movie spoilt by the leading actor Ishan Khattar . Just posing with a tank doesn't make you an artist . A fantastic storyline gets muddled with mediocre dialogues , more mediocre actors like Khattar and Soni Raazdan , only saving grace is the actor playing the older brother Priyanshu and Mrunal Thakur . The props used were a mixture of 40s and 60s showing how much the art director and makers were confused , also Indira Gandhi looks 20 yr older than what she should be in 1971 , lots of blunders through out . Typecasting of Sikhs as comedians and Biharis as dumb continues. This movie is the result when you don't give your heart and effort to the art of film making.

Reviewed by prasadbabumatta 7 / 10

Pippa, is sincere and quite a success.

An immersive war film experience without the unnecessary chauvinistic nationalistic pomp and show-I enjoyed the film thoroughly. And yes! I wasn't really aware of the details of the war of '71, precisely the Battle of Garibpur, and how India helped East Pakistan (Bangladesh) attain liberation from West Pakistan.

The story of three siblings is straightforward and neat. The rift between the brothers was interesting. I am glad the makers didn't burden our protagonist with a love interest. The war scenes-WOW-beautifully designed. The locations where the film is shot contributed immensely. I believe not much of VFX has gone into the film. The tank battles could have been dealt with better. Underproduction? Small budget ? Maybe the reason, but whenever PIPPA was in the water, I was watching without a blink. Ishan worked for me as an actor mostly. Imaamulhaq was brilliant.

The visuals are for the theatre, and cinematographer Priya Seth did an excellent job, especially during the war sequences; the camera immersed me. Director Raja Krishna Menon did commendably as well-the setup, the war sequences were well done. I had teary eyes more than once.

On the flip side, the pacing gets slow towards the end. The climax is underwhelming indeed. Edits at some places were abrupt; also, the makers could have shortened the film. The background score was changing tones, so it worked for me only in parts. AR Rahman sir didn't impress. I wish the film had seen the theaters. Pippa Pippa, "Ghee da dibba," is a victory indeed.

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