Rabid Grannies


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alanmora 7 / 10

"Holy Water only works in the movies ya little horses arse!"

"They Love their grandchildren...well done!" This is the tag-line for the bizarre foreign horror flick "Rabid Grannies". This film is distributed by Troma films and despite the negative reviews it has received, I found it to be a lot of fun! Yes the acting is bad...the effects aren't terrible for a B movie but they aren't great either but that's not the point here. There are several horribly offensive scenes such as the one where the child is murdered or the one where the overweight gentleman literally has his ass eaten out. The murder of the priest is also religiously offensive but if you're a religious person, I doubt you'd be watching a film titled "Rabid Grannies". This film is just plain fun to watch...it has just the right amount of blood, guts, gore, murder, madness, mayhem with a little lesbianism and demonology thrown in for good measure!

Reviewed by stevenfallonnyc 6 / 10

Sometimes dull but fun

I'm not big into "gore" films (Italian zombie movies excepted) but "Rabid Grannies" can definitely be fun at times. There is nothing redeeming of value about this film whatsoever - it is made just for an excuse to film some disgusting scenes, but with a fun plot, nothing more, nothing less.

I have the uncut version so I was lucky enough to see the film in all its glory. Two aunts (not "grannies," but I guess the title "Rabid Aunts" doesn't sound too catchy) invite all their relatives over to celebrate their birthday, relatives who all want the aunt's riches upon their soon-to-be deaths. One guy, the satanist of the family, can't make it, but he sends a mysterious box instead, which causes the aunties to turn into demons, hunting down the others throughout the mansion.

There are some really funny scenes here, like when the relatives realize their aunts have turned into demons at the dinner table (you think that 30-foot arm with the demon hand and claws gave a clue?). The "grannies" do nothing but crack jokes from here on in (one even wears a suit of armor for a while) as they hunt their prey.

The film does get dull here and there, but there are some scenes that are full of great tension, such as the "car" scene, and my favorite, when the grannies corner the priest with a shotgun. They give him a choice - either suffer alive through the unimaginable tortures they describe what they will do to him, or take the shotgun and kill himself, avoiding all the torture but going to Hell in the process because he's a priest. Which does he choose? It's an amazing scene, the best in the whole flick!

"Rabid Grannies" is a halfway decent gore flick. It can't touch "Demons" or "Demons 2" as far as "demons hunting people in an enclosed building" but it's not bad. Again, I usually don't go for this stuff, but this one, besides the dull parts, was done with just the right amount of gore, humor and fun. Gather the family!

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 8 / 10

They're not grannies, they're not rabid, and this isn't a Troma film.

Just because this film bears a typically Troma-like title, and features the Troma logo on the packaging, don't make the mistake of thinking it is a Troma production—because it isn't.

It is, in fact, a low-budget Belgian film that was simply picked up for distribution by the studio, and, as far as I am concerned, it is much more enjoyable than the majority of Lloyd Kaufman's own B-movie output.

In this delightfully silly and very gory romp, a group of greedy relatives gather together at the mansion of their two elderly aunts, in order to attend their birthday celebrations (and hopefully worm their way into their aunts' wills). However, when the old women open a surprise birthday present (sent by the black sheep of the family—a practitioner of the black arts), they become possessed, transform into vicious, drooling, bloodthirsty monsters, and proceed to tear their party guests limb from limb.

If you're a fan of visceral OTT slapstick horror—particularly Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy (which this film is obviously heavily influenced by) or the early work of Peter Jackson (whose similarly daft Bad Taste came out the same year)—then Rabid Grannies should be right up your alley. Director Emmanuel Kervyn spends the first thirty minutes introducing us to his raft of absurdly unlikeable characters (none of whom really deserve to survive 'til the end credits), and the next sixty dismembering them in as many inventive and silly ways as possible. It might not be Oscar winning material, but it's a whole heap of fun!

Considering the limited budget, the juicy effects on display are pretty damn good, and the film sure doesn't hold back with the nastiness: one man has his limbs hacked off, before being impaled (between the legs) on a pike; a fat guy gets stuck trying to escape, and has his ass eaten; and even a little girl gets reduced to spare parts by the demonic old dears!

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.

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