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Reviewed by gavin6942 8 / 10


Eighty years ago antibiotics revolutionized medicine. Only now are we realizing the potentially catastrophic consequences of these miracle drugs. The question is: have we reached a point where we must save antibiotics to save ourselves?

I freely admit to being ignorant about science. While I generally understand the concepts, the details tend to elude me. And, from that perspective, this documentary really opened up an issue to laymen like me. I knew antibiotics lose effectiveness as the germs adapt, but I had no idea how often and how quickly this happens... and how we are now, in many ways, fighting against ourselves.

Why are we flooding our food, our animals and ourselves with more antibiotics than necessary? Why are we creating a situation where the resistance comes along even quicker than it already does?

Reviewed by secretchimp 8 / 10

Well rounded treatment of the growing antibiotic resistance issue from both the medical and political aspects

The filmmaker interviews patients and surviving families of unfortunate victims as well as relevant scientists in the medical community, administrators in the federal government, and representatives from the agriculture and pharmaceutical industries to illustrate the complex details of this issue. Also interviewed are scientists, agri-business owners and government representatives from Denmark. The film includes a few well placed graphics to help illustrate cause and effect elements. It's apparent the filmmaker cares greatly to educate about the growing antibiotic resistance issue and, to his credit, he has crafted an unbiased, nuanced look at the problem from all sides, including some possible solutions.

Reviewed by Danyce 1 / 10

Wrong trailer

One of the video trailers is for another film on the German resistance fighters.

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