2022 [GERMAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.8/10 10 1087 1.1K


Top cast

Krista Stadler as Fanny Sawallisch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abrauneis 9 / 10

More like this please

Who would have thought, that after all these years it is still possible to still create such a witty, heartbreaking and yet total believable romance? At the same time the movie manages to create a Real feel of how it is to live in Vienna and/or visit Vienna and enjoy its famous places. For example: Whoever had the chance to have a Sachertorte and coffee in the hotel Sacher will concede, that the movie has captured it all. The setting is marvelous, the characters are totally believable and, you will feel a heart warming glow and perhaps relive the memory of how it is or how it was to be in love. Highly recommended, take the chance and enjoy.

Reviewed by keithhainzl 7 / 10

Interesting rom-com

We were watching Sachertorte yesterday and we had a good time. Karl from Berlin meets Ninni from Vienna. They instantly like each other. Ninni gives him her number but he looses it. So he goes to Vienna to have a piece of Sachertorte every day at Cafe Sacher, hoping to see Ninni again someday. Little did he know that he'll make new friends and new experiences during the process. Is he going to be the same when they meet again?

Sachertorte reminds me of good old rom-coms from the US and GB. It's fast, funny, exciting and the humour is on point. Also, Vienna is very pretty. I recommend Sachertorte! Check it out!

Reviewed by Alexanders-2 7 / 10


For some films, you sometimes need a better knowledge of cultural or linguistic idiosyncrasies. This film is such an example, because when a Berliner comes to Vienna, a certain culture clash is pre-programmed. One reason for this is that Austrians don't really like Germans, actually they don't like Austrians either, only Viennese, but they don't like to admit that. So it's a bit like Parisians. Or New Yorkers. Anyway, Karl fell in love with the Austrian tourist Nini in Berlin, but no longer has her phone number. So he goes to Vienna, sits at the famous Café Sacher every day, eats cake and hopes that Nini will show up there at some point to celebrate her birthday. Meanwhile, he gets to know Miriam and it gradually dawns on him that there is more to it than a casual friendship. "Sachertorte" does a lot of things right, maintaining its easy-going narrative tone and having supporting characters that are almost more interesting. First and foremost is Fanny Swallisch, a resident at the Sacher who is a typical Viennese lady but whom you quickly come to love and whose lightning-quick humor works brilliantly for me. The somewhat awkward Mr. Schwartz fits in just as well as the rest of the staff at the Sacher, who become more and more involved in Karl's fate. Ultimately, this is a RomCom, so all goes well. And please don't expect more than a pretty film that doesn't hurt, but isn't a highlight of the year either.

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