Season of Love


Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sagetwo 4 / 10

Wanted to love it.

I watched it because I was interested to watch my first Lesbian Christmas movie. And I have a not so little crush on Dominique from Wynonna Earp. Well, the pace of the movie was slow and the chemistry between the female characters were lacking. All in all, I wanted to love the movie. But I can't.

Reviewed by sharisamad 2 / 10

Below average acting and writing, not a good movie overall

I had high hopes with this movie. Some viewers here have the movie a 10? A smaller budget movie such as Carmilla is still so much better than this.

The writing was not great. For example, why would you ask the crying jilted bride what does she wants to do with the food as it is no longer 'refundable'. Just do not put this kind of conversation in the movie!!

The only actors who could act are Dominique and the one playing Iris. The rests is hard to watch. Even the kissing scenes involving them are hard to watch. Clark is far too tall for her match. Casting is weak here.

It's just a terrible movie. I regret buying the movie. I should've just rented it as I won't be watching it again and again.

Reviewed by fretty-59170 3 / 10

Beyond Cringe

I really wanted this movie to be good because I'm starved for quality queer content, but holy crap this was even worse than your average bad queer film. The acting was so cringe I had to turn it off. I can't believe it's rated over 5/10 on here. Shooketh to the core.

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