Secret Society of Lies


Drama / Thriller

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Nicole Andrews as Ellen
Kristen Vaganos as Chrissy
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Reviewed by Chartreuse1 7 / 10

Decent campus thriller....

Chrissy gets drugged and attacked at a college campus party by someone in a bird mask and they put a symbol on the back of her neck. She has no idea what it means and starts to investigate and discovered that when her mother was a student at the same university, her friend went through the same ordeal and was never heard from again. So, she finds out, there is a secret fraternity at the university and the symbol represents them. When she discovers that other women on campus were also attacked, she and her friend, Sarah, decide to expose them. Chrissy ends up liking Nathan, who happens to be the dean's son, but who is also part of the fraternity, and the dean wants to stop her but why??? You will have to tune in to see what happens. This was a good thriller with a good script and some decent acting. Definitely recommended!

Reviewed by lavatch 3 / 10

Institutional Patriarchy

"Secret Society of Lies" attempted to dramatize institutional patriarchy through the oppressive harassment of women by a fraternity at the fictional Payton University. But the situations were so far-fetched that it was difficult to extract any clear message from the grotesque treatment of women depicted in the film.

The protagonist was a student named Crissy, who is a member of the debate team. But, inexplicably, she does not appear confident enough to speak up and prefers to pass notes to her partner during the debates.

It was preposterous to think that Crissy would even attend this university because her mother Nora was traumatized when she was a student at the same school. Her friend Allison disappeared, and Nora herself was harassed by a student who has now become the Dean!!!

The scene in which Dean Martel strangles to death one of the frat boys who defies him was beyond the pale. And it was also a stretch to believe that the journalism department would ban the reporting of women being attacked on campus.

The filmmakers needed to shape a style that approached dark comedy in order to make this material palatable. Instead, the action was played straight as if what we were witnessing was a realistic drama set on a college campus. The result was a flat and even demeaning approach to a serious topic. It was impossible to take anything in this film seriously.

Reviewed by aboutrage 1 / 10

The Skulls wannabe for Gen Z

I love mediocre TV thrillers and campus flicks but this just wasn't it. The story moves slower than molasses in winter, the motives, goals and whole point of the secret society remain enshrouded in mystery and the half-baked answers far too late into the movie don't even address every question.

The acting of everyone involved is stale, the characters are two-dimensional, and both resulted in me not caring about the characters or story in the slightest. Whatever was happening in terms of a "plot" just made me exclaim "But whyyyy?!" repeatedly.

About halfway through the movie, I started fast-forwarding every few minutes, just to get through it with a sense of, okay, at least I got some answers. As mentioned, not much of an explanation there.

Think "The Skulls" (great secret society campus movie) but with less action and no one involved that possesses any skills whatsoever.

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