Sione's 2: Unfinished Business



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Madeleine Sami as Tania
Anna Jullienne as Librarian
Mark Mitchinson as Homeless Man
David Fane as Bolo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by studio-163-123247 7 / 10

A pleasant and entertaining characterture

It is fair to say 'Sione's Wedding' was a highly entertaining film which was well shot, acted, written and delivered. It may seem odd to say, but the great quality of the first Sione's weighs uncomfortably on the higher budget sequel.

'Sione's 2: Unfinished Business' is an incredibly well done film, again exceptionally written by Oscar Kightley and James Griffin and featuring some of New Zealand's greatest talents such as the beautiful Madeleine Sami, Teuila Blakely and Robbie Magasiva. The production values are high, each shot wonderfully crafted and shot with amazing quality while the sound is clear and fluent. The music is also pleasant and well fitted, the only problem is this film is the sequel to the first. The great thing about the first film is that it was so well written, the audience entered these characters lives, each character was so far developed - they were believable and relatable. 'Sione's 2' manages to stay constant to the first film with the four lead characters, but every other character was simply a characterture of their past self. The development process was so focused on the lead roles, the minor roles such as Sione, Bolo, Tania and Leilani were all left to stay out of the spotlight and become hard to understand and relate. The central story of the first film focused on Sione's dedication to his wife, yet for no reason the character of Sione has a major personality change and the second film stems from this, as though he was always this characterised. However as mentioned, Albert, Michael, Sefa and Stanley all remain well written, constant and most importantly; real. The writers haven't gone all wrong though on the minor characters, the hilarious Derek stands out, brilliantly acted by David Van Horn.

All in all, the only problem I have with this film is its at times faceless direction and most importantly the fact it is the sequel to 'Sione's Wedding'. If this film was a standalone, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it a far load more, not being preoccupied trying to decipher what the feeling I was getting throughout the whole film. Though not as good as the original, this film is still hugely enjoyable and a must for all Kiwi cinema goers.

Reviewed by makeli00 8 / 10

Loved it!

I wondered how the sequel was going to top the first movie (Sione's Wedding) and it definitely delivered!

It delivered in ways where it offered a difference in plot and story line, the time line of the plot went over a day and night, which was good because it was quick to grasp the concept of what was going on.

There were a lot of twists and turns in the story, which were quite shocking, but offered for a good story and even more laughs. In every funny moment, the whole movie theater erupted in laughter; it's just as hilarious, if not more than the first movie!

Loved it, can't wait until it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Reviewed by FrikinFunnyLOL 10 / 10

Only if you liked the first or if you like and understand NZ comedy !

Sione's 2 Unfinished Business is a hilarious installment to classic NZ comedies, with its famous NZ actors and jokes that make you think for a second instead of screaming the obvious.This is highly enjoyable and has quite a twist for fans of the first movie that you don't see coming. The acting is quite believable and has spot on reactions and emotions. This movie does what it is supposed to make you laugh, make you somewhat emotional at some parts and makes you sometime uncomfortable haha. This movie may not be very popular but don't be discouraged go see it, it is good, but you may need to see the first movie Sione's Wedding to understand the character development, all-round development of the movie and the humor that refers to the first. Like I said before only watch if you like the first movie or if you like and understand NZ comedy !!! 10/10

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