Spirit of Fear



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93%
IMDb Rating 3.6/10 10 294 294


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by isatoro77 10 / 10

Don't listen to other reviewers

I am a true horror junkie. Found the trailer on YouTube, and decided to watch. At the beginning, I was confused of what was happening, but the acting of the main character kept me intrigued... he is so expressive. Without saying a word, he can transmit fear, anxiety, uncertainty. Without knowing what was it about I pushed through and I'm glad I did as the end has a great twist, it is fantastic.

With a religious background, I can appreciate what they trued to do. The similarities to demons and other facts, its very well thought off. I don't want this post to get flashed as a spoiler as I would like y'all to give it a try. Finally something less Hollywood. This movie is artistic, well thought off and you can see a labor of love.

I congratulate the whole cast and directors, it's refreshing to see something new and innovative.

Reviewed by hhhuuu-91747 1 / 10

I fell into the trap

I can't believe I wasted an hour and a quarter of my life on this rubbish!! It was a recommendation from a friend, and he glorified and praised it a lot, and he gave it 7/10, which made me deceived and agreed to watch it. I do not know what is dazzling about this movie, and he liked it to this degree! I'm really shocked, it's a completely empty movie, its story is cliché, the twisted plot is weak, and it's not worth all this tedium. I'm going to block this person who gave it to me as a recommendation *very angry*

Don't watch this movie Don't watch this movie Don't watch this movie Don't watch this movie.

Reviewed by RBIves-202-725352 10 / 10

Stop scrolling and watch this

OK this one was right up my alley. Man wakes up in an empty house covered in blood with no explanation, no memory, and no escape. Clues have been left around the house on sticky notes, but none of them seem to add up. Ultimately we get both an escape room type of scenario, with a lurking evil presence to add to the tension, and a deep dive into one man's psyche. It's a classic Twilight Zone setup and I was totally engaged the entire runtime despite the minimalist approach to locations, cast, sound design, and dialogue.

Fantastic cinematography and score are the glue that holds this film together. The ending totally sticks the landing for me. I wish there were more of these types of well thought out indie movies in the horror/suspense genre.

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