The 11th Green


Drama / History / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 99 99

Top cast

Ian Hart as James Forrestal
Campbell Scott as Jeremy Rudd
Currie Graham as Larry Jacobsen
Agnes Bruckner as Laurie Larkspur
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ok_ok_ok_ok 9 / 10

A psychedelic fever dream for the US history buff

The 11th Green begins understated: A passive reaction to a fantastical sighting; a monotone news report about preposterous technology. But audience beware: like a frog in a pot of slowly heated water, you won't know what hit you until you are boiling alive in the multi-faceted, technicolor time warp of auteur Christopher Munch's making. It's beautifully shot - some great desert frames and lasting images stick out as calming amongst the intellectual chaos. The briefly seen low budget CGI doesn't take away from the story - there's no time to unsuspend your disbelief when you're wrapping your head around outlandish hypotheticals intertwined with true to life historical figures, places, and events. The performances are acutely fun for the historically attuned. A psychedelic fever dream for the US history buff - or an active rejection of recent human history as we know it - you decide. This movie is the definition of what Sundance used to be for.

Reviewed by acn-34967 10 / 10

Thoroughly Entertaining!

I just sat and watched this extraordinary and thoroughly entertaining movie. What an amazing job. The actors were wonderful. Ike came alive for me through his frisky relationship with Mamie and his warm friendship with his valet Moaney.

All of the old patriotic guys and the black and white footage were such a joy to watch. The production itself was beautifully done. Everything looked so good.

But most of all the underlining understanding and intelligence for humanity comes through in the writing. It is such a huge movie that looks at the dark forces and power. There was a lot of intrigue, complexity and research.

The Obama character was fabulous and Forrestal, when I saw the dedication at the end I sobbed. I think about my father who parachuted onto the bridge too far and that generation of men, some of whom were destroyed and some who had to decide what to do with the power they won. It is an epic tale of humanity and what we choose next.

Reviewed by ostrichfarm 10 / 10

Watch It More Than Once

This is a dense, cerebral motion picture. It is not a crowd-pleaser, not the latest Netflix original. It will, however, reward your attentive and undistracted viewing. Devastating but hopeful, well-crafted with strong performances, this film tackles an important subject that merits serious attention.

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