The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 666 666


Top cast

Shirley MacLaine as Harriet Blossom
John Cleese as Post Office Clerk
Richard Attenborough as Robert Blossom
Patricia Routledge as Miss Reece
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malcolmgsw 1 / 10

Almost unwatchable

You get the feeling that the writers have decided to do a homage to Joe Orton.This is one of a showy bunch of films made by American companies in the UK in the sixties.Trouble was when they viewed the films they financed they upped sticks and went back to America.The film has little humour,poor acting performances and is virtually unwatchable.

Reviewed by richardchatten 2 / 10

"Insomnia is Nothing to Loose Sleep About"

The sort of nonsense that brought the British cinema to its knees at the end of the sixties. Considering how politically correct Shirley MacLaine was to become during the seventies this seems to have something to offend everyone. Suffused throughout with gaudy Dayglo colours; and believe it or not written by the guy who ten years earlier had shared script credit on 'Vertigo' and shot by the cameraman who had recently shot '2001'!

Nothing dates faster than something trying hard to be trendy; and Fellini seems to have inspired the raucous fantasy scenes. Constant product placement of long vanished items like the 'Teach Yourself' series of handbooks make this film feel as it was made over fifty years ago.

Ye Gods it was!

Reviewed by Pangborne 10 / 10

Shirley MacLaine in a Mod, Mod World

I am hesitant when recommending this movie, not because I doubt the movie, but because I doubt people. There are so many criticisms that non-believers could throw at THE BLISS OF MRS. BLOSSOM - that it's silly, obvious, crude, cartoonish, dated - but they would all be beside the point. The point is that this movie is a sweet-natured ding-bat adolescent pro-feminist look at sex and marriage in a world where people don't seem to have naughty bits - except women, whose most noticeable naughty bits need to be covered by industrial strength brassieres. The dialogue is a step above Benny Hill, but the performances (Shirley MacLaine, Richard Attenborough, James Booth and even [briefly] John Cleese) lift it to the level of Noel Coward, just by putting an aching sincerity into the outlandish situations. Most memorable, however, is the art direction, costume design, and editing, all of which take off from Carnaby Street and land somewhere on the planet Swinging Mod Paisley Surprise. The editing is particularly trippy, with deliberate disjunctions of time and space that give the title character an almost otherworldly cool. And why reach for THE BLISS OF MRS. BLOSSOM when there are so many other relics of Mod London in the late sixties to choose from? Because, like Linus's pumpkin patch, it's really and truly very sincere: whereas other movies of the period where aimed cynically at the youth market, T.B.O.M.B. is aimed at adults.

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