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Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 2 / 10

Critic or not, the only correct choice here is to not watch this event

Here we have "The Critics' Choice Super Awards" from 2021 and this just took place less than a week ago. First thing: What is up with the title? So cringe. You can add a hundred times "super" and this still will not even make it a mediocre show, not even a weak one because truth is this was simply awful to watch. The rating here on imdb is accurate, actually still too high despite the fact how low it already is. Honestly, what they did during these under 1.5 hours is really giving a bad name to critics and they should stand up and do something to make sure the 2022 edition will not be equally awful. The worst is if I look at the poster here on imdb and the proportion of the word "super". I just can't. Completely forget the element of class, authenticity and good quality, but hey at least they were super. Self-proclaimed super that is. Truth is this was unwatchable. Not much to say about positive aspects because there were hardly any. Maybe that the show was not too long, but also not as short as I wanted it to be while watching. Jim Carrey I like and it's nice he at least won one of his two nominations. Patrick Stewart I also cannot say anything bad about. And the idea that they brought the trophies to everybody and we saw many acceptance speeches this way was also good. Best they could do with corona still going on I suppose. Pretty strange anyway they are introducing a new awards show during times like these. Of course, these are not the real Critics Choice Awards, but more of a version for younger audiences. Not needed in general I'd say with Kids Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards and others out there, but also in particular not with the quality we saw during this show.

The male host is Kevin Smith and I think I liked him once, but that was a long time ago and long before he started working for imdb. Now, I find him much more mainstream and really unfunny at times. Pity. Seems he lost his talent the same time he lost his weight. Couldn't care less about him wearing shorts either, but maybe then he should have picked an according piece of clothing for the upper half of his body. About the female host, I cannot really say anything here. Not familiar with her one bit, but I guess most viewers know why she got to host this event. By the way, it took approximately three minutes for the first person complaining about how Blacks and females are treated in an unfair manner when it comes to (not) receiving the same amount of money as White (I may capitalize that?) males. Sigh. And under six minutes until the first winner put on a mask right in front of the camera. Of course. I don't care if it makes sense or not from a medical perspective. That's not the point. But it is a political statement and I do not like those at all linked to the entertainment industry, except maybe when it's accurate political movies or documentaries. Already really looking forward to seeing Spike Lee for the rest of this awards season. I think his movie is really hyped right now, especially when it comes to the male lead who won here too and also as of now has a shot at getting the Oscar. So far, he seems nice, but I'll certainly wait with my final judgment for a few more months. So yeah, one thing people can definitely not complain about here is that there weren't enough winners of different ethnicities. Oh wait, just two ethnicities took home awards pretty much, no? At least the other ones aren't complaining. I think three Black people won awards in the first ten minutes. I cannot really comment on how deserving they are though as I have not seen all the contenders. The first non-Black win of the night went to Andy Samberg. Don't like him one bit. He feels annoying and obnoxious to me, but that is just my opinion of course. Still difficult to accept we are supposed to believe that he gave a better performance than J.K. Simmons. I guess he just has more screen time. Samberg. Equally questionable to see Al Pacino losing his category here. The man is a legend and let's hope the day he departs is still far, far away. But Elizabeth Moss winning awards is always nice, forgot to mention her early on, even if I have not seen her film yet.

There seem to be many shows out there now that are connected to successful movies: Take Snowpiercer, take What we do in the Shadows, take The Mandalorian, take Hanna, take Harley Quinn and we all know what her show is connected to. Margot Robbie took home an award too at the very end, well cannot say if she is deserving, but I do not dislike her as much anymore as I did early in her career, in particular after the Scorsese movie with DiCaprio. Still it would have been nicer if she did not put on a display of genderism in her acceptance speech. Kaley Cuoco won a voice acting award. Well, never been a big fan of hers, even if I like TBBT, but everybody is better than Maya Rudolph winning an award. The biggest laugh-out-loud moment from the entire event was for me definitely seeing Jon Cryer being nominated for playing a superhero or supervillain whatever. Call him as you like. I am talking about Lex Luthor of course. The mere idea of Cryer portraying a sinister hard-boiled character is just emmm.. There is no way to put that into words I must say. It was so ridiculous, it wasn't even funny. Or actually, it was. I laughed a lot there. Another thing I always find cringeworthy is when the presenters who announce the winners say they are fans of every nominee. I think it only happened once that night, but it is basically the same as people saying they are so close friends with the winners/nominees/performers... Pseudo friendliness of the worst kind. Takes out all meaning of the words "fan" and "friend". We shouldn't want that and strive for actually deep relations instead.

What else is there to say here? I guess I will finally have to start watching BoJack Horseman. Heard a lot of good things about that one. Oh yes, while I liked how they kept this show essential (and also that the hosts pretty much vanished the longer the show went) with the key component of nominations and wins here and this was actually an awards show at its very core, I think it was not too great a choice that many categories had way more than five nominees. Five is enough. Carrey I mentioned already nice to see him and also nice to watch his speech. He is a funny dude, still after all these years, but even I as a fan cannot say he was amazing during the Sonic movie. Still better than everything else, but it wasn't a good film. I see Sarah Paulson plays Nurse Ratched now from Cuckoo's Nest? Or at least the show is called like that. Sounds like heavy Golden Globe or Emmy material. I just hope she does not ruin it. Such an iconic character and I am always a bit undecided on Paulson. As for the entertainment factor here, everything they did in terms of comedy was absolutely unfunny and a disappointment. Be it the idea to have this female voice-over, like a really failed shot at Kubrick's Space Odyssey and not even quoting Captain Phillips can make it work, or also when some of the guests tried to be funny like Padalecki, it was never a success really. Best was (except Carrey) if they just stayed authentic the way Stewart did. I think Star Trek also got too much attention that night, but with him taking the accolades I can accept it. Just mentioned Padalecki and boy Supernatural has been going on forever really. And it's still winning awards. As a huge Dark Angel fan I should be kinda happy with Jensen Ackles taking one home, but I don't see much in him (anymore) either.

Also it seems that Soul is now sitting pretty comfortably in the top spot for the animated awards ceremonies this year with Fey and Foxx winning here and also the film itself triumphing. I guess the categories they went for with this show are simply the cult categories, like horror, animation, superhero films etc. Stuff like thriller, family, drama etc. they did not elaborate on. Maybe to some extent, also comedy, the real Critics Choice Awards will do so. You know what would be really cool? If there, they mock already how embarrassing this awards show here was. But of course, they will not admit it. The entire world is about make-believe these days, so why would this show be any different. Maybe even that one will be equally bad although I hope not. These are going to take place in spring. That is all now for this one here. I give it a big thumbs-down and I highly recommend skipping the watch. It was a mess and if I have the choice between the second edition next year being equally poor and the second edition not taking place because they discontinue the event, then I am definitely going for the latter. What a disappointment this was! Also always embarrassing if they promote shows during the broadcast as they did with the one that features these three girls. No respect for that, even if McMann is a stunner indeed. Now that is really it. Absolutely do not watch this one, even if at least the winners got a little better in the second half. Hmm.. The Boys seems to be really good, might wanna watch that soon. Horst out. To say it with Gilpin's words. Man, that was cringeworthy too. Demetriou seemed alright though, maybe Milioti too. Not entirely sure about her. Bassett not so much. With her nothing new here either. That's really it now. Horst out.

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