The Elevator



IMDb Rating 2.7/10 10 82 82


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Danielle Scott as Melissa
Chrissie Wunna as Cecilia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by awpaypal 2 / 10

I don't have an elevated opinion of this one......

Coming across this, and being familiar with the story of Elisa Lam (she may not be mentioned directly but references to the case are definitely made), I gave it a chance and here are my thoughts......

The Elevator, Hellevator Hotel or Haunted Hotel, whatever the title is, it is far from the worst British made b-movie horror I've ever watched but it's not exactly the best.

The script is filled with every cliché going, the acting on many occasions, does leave a lot to be desired also.

The filming location offers some atmosphere for the plot line and the accompanying music is easily the best thing going for this film and personally, I like the design of the demonic creature that's shown very rarely on screen.

At 86 minutes, it's not a long film but still feels like it drags and does not move at a consistent pace, and doesn't hold any of the tension the film builds at points.

The flashback scenes throughout are underwhelming and the effects overall are mediocre at best.

This effort will definitely be one that's easily forgotten and one I won't be watching again.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by Cadykay 1 / 10

Don't do it

Okay... to begin with, we couldn't even make it through to the end of this movie. We lasted maybe 30 minutes before we had to walk away. I don't usually expect much from the special effects in these movies, but they're bad enough in this one to disappoint even me. The acting is mediocre. The direction is not great. The writing is poor. And then there's the confusion about the title. I had a heck of a time even finding the imdb page for this movie. I came across it on tubi with the title Elevator. Here they call it Haunted Hotel. Then in the opening credits it says Hellavator Hotel. I almost felt like they were tricking me into buying something sight unseen.

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