The Ganzfeld Haunting


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 4%
IMDb Rating 3.1/10 10 897 897

Top cast

Billy Zane as Father
Taylor Cole as Beckett
Holt McCallany as Detective Murphy
Laura Wiggins as Molloy
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Reviewed by Michael-Hallows-Eve 1 / 10

A bad "haunting" movie. Total waste of time.

Well, after seeing the trailer for this, I was hoping it would be at least decent - well I was wrong. Rumer Willis is almost naked from the start, which in my opinion she didn't need to be. Yes she has a good body, but her acting ability isn't that good. There's a lot of clichés in the film, girl kisses girl, scantily dressed women, a sex scene, and plot clichés to boot. Don't get me wrong, almost nude women isn't a bad thing, but in the right context. When the story line doesn't need it, then don't do it (although some classic horror uses it a lot, the operative word here being "classic", this will never be). The plot is quite weak, they use an actual experiment name in the title to hook people in, but the film didn't really need it as the plot could have been about a group of young people who go to a house to see if there are ghosts there. But I guess they were trying to make it "original", yet they failed. Very disappointed by this movie. All I can give it is 1 out of 10.

Reviewed by bobquack 3 / 10


This could have been so much better with a better script. The characters, while somewhat likable, are irritating because they are constantly fighting against each other and throwing f-bombs throughout the whole film. Two of the characters are likely to party with drugs and alcohol, but eventually all partake. The only good parts were the flashbacks of the father (who I thought was the most interesting character and I would like to have seen more about him) and the lost sister. The effects showing them and the children were decently done but not that scary. There is a high level of tension that makes the film uneasy to watch. And when it's over you feel it wasn't worth it in the long run.

Reviewed by wandernn1-81-683274 2 / 10

It's Real!! The Ganzfeld Experiment Is Real!!!!

Our final psychology assignment of the a neutral location!!!!!

Okay so there's a little bit of experiment....

Then theres a mountain of blow and long extended scenes of drug use.....

-1 Star for the mountain of drug use.....

Ooo then we get a Rumor Willis strip tease and some on top of the clothes lezbian action. Throw in a guy for a little orgy start.... This is what drugs do...yes , yes they sometimes do!!!!

-1 Star for who wears that kinda of underwear to the final psychology assignment of the year??? lol....and who brings that amount of dope????

Hey at least the girls are still in their underwear and ready for action when the haunting type stuff begins!!!

Looks like they brought plenty of whiskey to drink as well to their 'experiment'...

I like when the 1 guy accuses the other guy of snorting too much blow when he's trying to take advantage of one of the girls who snorted just as much if not more.... that's style and class right there.....

then Lucky wakes up and starts snorting more blow while her nose is still bleeding from the last round...

-1 Star for when girl starts really losing her ....mind...well what is left of it after all the dope she's on....

How they got a couple of decent actors for the scenes at the end I'll never know... but the damage is already done....and the detectives....boy they still got some bad lines.....

What a horrible, stinking, pile of excrement.


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