The Kidnapping of the President



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 547 547

Top cast

William Shatner as Jerry O'Connor
Ava Gardner as Beth Richards
Hal Holbrook as President Adam Scott
Van Johnson as Vice President Ethan Richards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

A solid and engrossing thriller

Crazed and ruthless South American revolutionary Roberto Assanti (excellently played with fierce intensity by Miguel Fernandez) abducts folksy American President Adam Scott (a typically fine performance by Hal Holbrook) and holds him hostage in an armored truck that's wired with explosives for a hundred million dollar ransom. It's up to hard-nosed secret agent Jerry O'Connor (the almighty William Shatner in peak rugged form) to rescue the president before things get too out of hand. Director George Mendeluk, working from a tight and absorbing script by Richard Murphy, relates the gripping story at a steady pace and builds a sizable amount of tension. The good acting from a bang-up cast constitutes as a major asset: the usually hammy Shatner shows some restraint for once, Holbrook brings a winning blend of wry humor and amiable dignity to his juicy role as chief executive, and Elizabeth Sheperd adds some class as the loyal, concerned first lady Joan Scott, plus there are nice supporting turns by Van Johnson as wishy-washy vice president Ethan Richards, Ava Gardner as Ethan's bitchy, overbearing wife Beth, Cindy Girling as Assanti's faithful confederate Linda Steiner, Maury Chaykin as bumbling terrorist Harvey Cannon, Michael J. Reynolds as ramrod Canadian police chief MacKenzie, and Gary Reineke as smarmy jerk CIA agent Deitrich. Mike Molloy's slick cinematography makes inspired occasional use of hand-held camera-work and gives the picture an attractive glossy work. Paul Zaza's shivery, rousing score further enhances the suspense and offers a few nifty variations on "Hail to the Chief." A neat little flick.

Reviewed by momsatrekkie 7 / 10

Captain Kirk Saves the President

I really wanted to hate this movie. William Shatner has played in some real turkeys, 'Big Bad Mama' being a prime example. However, there was something about this film that I really liked. Maybe it was WS looking all natty and noble in his navy blue suit and trench coat. Or the idea of Van Johnson as the vice president, married to Ava Gardner -- oh, what a casting fiasco that was! Or Hal Holbrook being presidential yet once again. Or the fact that this was a Canadian film actually shot on location in Toronto (starring my favorite guy from north-of-the-border). The story wasn't too bad, the acting wasn't too horrible. And did I mention how cute Shatner looked?

Reviewed by mhorg2018 5 / 10

Okay thriller

Starring William Shatner as a Secret Service agent, the President is successfully kidnapped and the search for him and the kidnappers is on. A decent film, far better than Vantage Point which had a similar idea behind it, the acting and pacing are decent as is the ending. Worth seeing if it were ever on.

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