The Last Serb in Croatia


Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 1711 1.7K


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Sergej Trifunovic as General Ass Lee Turchinson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Irena_Spa 7 / 10

A good laugh :)

The picture of the people who were sometimes ago a members of YU and now live in a separated small and irrelevant countries for a global leaders, and still are driven by the influence of their eternal problems. In some moments it looks like a British movie "Shaun of the Dead" and in one scene reminds us on exYugoslavian "Pretty Village, Pretty Flame", when we hear the song of the old Yugoslavian band "Indexi", She threw everything down the river(Bacila je sve niz rijeku). Anyway, it gives us a good laugh.

Reviewed by luka-medak 9 / 10

Brilliant parody of almost everything

Although I'm not a fan of many Croatian comedies (as a Croatian myself), in this one I found myself laughing out loud on few occasions.

This movie is a parody of many things. First of all, it mocks low budget movies, superheroes and zombies, because the latter two are quite common in modern age movies. Second, it mocks the Balkan mentality which is present in all former Yugoslavian countries, along with their common history and relations, and this is the main punch-line of the movie. So if you are a foreigner (and by that I mean if you're not from one of the former Yugoslavian countries) you probably won't get many of the jokes.

The movie is simple, funny, and most importantly different from many other Croatian comedies, which is probably why the audience liked it so much.

It's a must watch for everyone living in Balkan region.

Reviewed by borutjurisic 9 / 10

Laughing my head off!

OK, I guess this is the best Zombie parody I've seen since Shaun of the Dead :) I guess today, in the world of overly sensitive politically correct activists for animal rights, regarthless of which of the 7 unnatural genders they are, this movie would be too much to watch. It's typical Balkan humor, with intentionally cheezy overacting and cartoonish characters set into the cartoonish world of a zombie apocalypse so many people are taking seriously for no apperant reason. If you like zombie movies, high budget action, or actors making you believe the silver screen is more real than reality - this is not the movie for you. However, if you like a good laugh and are not taking yourself (or life, or world) too seriously - enjoy!

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