The Miracle Worker


Biography / Drama

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Melissa Gilbert as Helen Keller
Diana Muldaur as Kate Keller
Charles Siebert as Captain Keller
Patty Duke as Anne Sullivan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OllieSuave-007 8 / 10

A miraculously engaging TV movie.

I first saw this movie during grade school when we were learning the history of Helen Keller. It was actually a very engaging movie of how Helen tries to cope with her blindness and how her teacher, Anne Sullivan, guides her along the way to live life as a blind person, and to also deal with her unruly attitude.

The part where Anne and Helen grapples around the dinner table sent the classroom to laughter. To see Anne have such patience in dealing with Helen's misbehavior and her condition is uplifting.

It's not a movie with some of the best acting, as some of the character interaction were just a little awkward. But overall, it's a pretty good TV movie about the courageousness of Helen Keller and the patience and understanding of Anne Sullivan.

Grade B

Reviewed by Lori S 5 / 10

Not bad, but the 1962 black & white classic is better...

This NBC Hallmark Hall of Fame version was filmed in Southern California, which is obvious from the very sunny scenes both inside and out. The older movie version is much darker and moodier, which not only fits the subject matter, but which is more accurate, due to the fact they only had lamplight most of the time. The big trivia here is that Patty Duke now plays Annie Sullivan, whereas she was Helen Keller in the 1962 movie (and won an Oscar for it). Melissa Gilbert was 15 when she filmed this, but is about the same weight as and an inch taller than Patty Duke, which makes Melissa look too old for the role. Also, Melissa's very long hair gets in the way of her wild tantrums - it either should have been cut, or she should have worn a short wig. Both Gilbert & Duke were nominated for Emmys for their roles, but only Duke won the day. Original playwright William Gibson not only wrote this 1979 adaptation, but also the very first one, broadcast on "Playhouse 90" in 1957, starring Patty McCormack, Theresa Wright, Patricia Neal and Burl Ives. That pre-dated the 1959 Broadway version, which starred Duke and Anne Bancroft...

Reviewed by ulicknormanowen 8 / 10

The pupil becomes the teacher.

It was not easy to redo "the miracle worker" after Arthur Penn's masterpiece featuring Anne Bancroft's and Pattie Duke's oscar-winning outstanding performances .

It's amazing to see Duke play the teacher ;her performance is inspired and influenced by that of the great Bancroft ,but who could be better than her in a play she knows so well for having performed it on stage and on screen?Duke really rises to the occasion.

Except for the last scene at dusk , the color version is faithful to its model; in the supporting part ,Diana Muldaur is particularly good as the imploring mom,who does not understand she poisons her daughter with protection and that Helen does not need any pity.Annie's visions of her appalling past were more impressive in the black and white version ,but the color MTV work does Helen and her teacher justice.

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