The Park


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Reviewed by Jester222 2 / 10

What a shame. Far too tweeny and tame. Can't decide what it wants to be.

All adults are deadfrom a mystery virus. Only the children survive and they have an expiration date. Hit puberty and they die.

Interesting premise. Right. Could be good......wrong.

Firstly I can't really imagine this generation would survive long if this happened now. Just saying. Over sensitive cancel culture kids or those identifying as a toasters and pondered to wouldn't prepare them for a world without adults let's be honest.

Silly film really. Can't make mind up what it wants to be. Dark or tweeny.

Kids murdering each other....dark. With machetes darker..... but don't see anything at all and more about clichéd tweeny drama.

Too tame to be horror or an adult apocalyptic film with too dark theme for sensitive little kids of today.

Reviewed by lifeofanomad 8 / 10

Better than I thought it would be.

Stop with the superhero movies already!

My first impression seeing the previews was that this would be like Lord of the Flies in an amusement park. Once I got into the movie, the setting and the soundtrack played very well into the story of kids struggling in a dystopian world. The story is straight forward with some nice up and downs. The fact that they used lesser known actors (at least to me) was very refreshing because the movie banked on the story, setting, characters, which I loved. Overall, a very well made movie. I look forward to seeing more movies with these actors and by these writers.

Reviewed by kskmah 1 / 10

Read the negative reviews, they are true

I wish I read the reviews before I watched this. Who wants to watch a movie with stupid kids constantly doing stupid things and swearing. I know I don't. If you have kids, you know that they wouldn't and couldn't survive without adults. Even most teens couldn't and wouldn't survive. And I'm not even talking during an apocalypse. LOL. These stupid kids actually survived somehow while in the forest or where ever they were? They had no food or water but survived for a while? Not only it was pretty bad acting, the main girl and boy were irritating and the park girl was even more irritating. The girl tried to kill you lie to you and you still help her? And why would you want a park? It has no food or water. Stupid. The movie was just too stupid.

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