The Secret of Karma



IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 106 106

Top cast

Brendan Fraser as Animus / Ronay
Dawn Olivieri as Adriana / Nicole
Marcia Cross as Goddess
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnclint 2 / 10


I watched "The Secret of Karma" after enjoying "Alpha Code" by Milan Friedrich. "Alpha Code" had a coherent plot; "The Secret of Karma" did not. The story jumped constantly between the past, present, and future of the reincarnated souls whose lives are intertwined. However, I liked the look of the far future, and appreciated Brendan Frasier's brief appearances.

Reviewed by redshoesfall 7 / 10

If Brendan Fraiser was a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor it would be Phish Food

Nice. There's planes. Brendan Fraiser. Some good CGI. Brendan put his all into his roles. Pretty sure he was a God or something, he definitely did his research. And they have nice costume designs, really shiny stuff. They make an actress ride a horse next to a plane which was pretty epic. Spielberg needs to see what Saving Private Ryan inspired. Cloud Atlas wishes it could be this realistic. I'm pretty sure this is Brendan's comeback. Welcome back Brendan!

Reviewed by verybiglebowski-88187 1 / 10


It's like watching into toilet shell and expecting drama. I hardly ever saw such a bad direction and cinematography. The plot (really?) is like an effort to beat the stupidity of Ad Woods golden age and acting is like puppet theater when the puppet masters get drunk before the performance. Don't waste your time, this is a pulp fiction in its dark side meaning. Pure garbage.

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