The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 939 939


Top cast

Hank Azaria as Gargamel
Alan Cumming as Gutsy Smurf
Anton Yelchin as Clumsy Smurf
Fred Armisen as Brainy Smurf
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ggk-34-546807 8 / 10

Best thing they did with Smurfs in a long, long time

Im a fan of the original Smurf comics and I did enjoy Hanna-Barbera show growing up. This being said... I didn't care much for the new CGI/live action movies. They failed to capture the spirit of the comic books and the idea to sent Smurfs to the modern times simply felt like a cheap excuse for product placement and toilet humor. It's just another example of cashing on nostalgia...

This animated short however was a pleasant surprise!

The story was cute and did a good job capturing the spirit of the old cartoons. There was no force pop-cultural humor, it was just Smurf doing what Smurfs do best.

The traditional animation was done very well(I especially liked the way they animated Gargamel) The backgrounds made whole thing very enjoyable to watch thanks to the colors of the autumn setting.

Overall it was a cute Halloween special and more hearth went into it then both CGI movies combine... I honestly would love if they made entire animated series if it was this good.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Not a worthy revival of the series

"The Legend of Smurfy Hollow" is a recent 20-minute Smurfs movie that runs for 20 minutes and was made for television. And even if it was nominated for an Annie Award (lost to "Toy Story of Terror"), I cannot see the appeal really. In my opinion, this is not better than the films they recently made that are half live action, half animation. This one here is 100% animation. Hank Azaria voices Gargamel, the character he also plays in the movies. And there are other notable cast members in here: Fred Armisen and Alan Cumming (Eli Gold, "The Good Wife") lend their voices to the protagonists in here and Anton Yelchin may be a name to some as well. Director Stephen Franck is not too famous and this is also his first directorial effort, and only one so far. Brainy and Gutsy clash in a contest in here, but things get more serious when Gargamel joins in and a spooky, mystical character comes to play too. You may guess which one from the title. And nonetheless, this is a mostly a comedy. There are dramatic moments, but it's nothing really serious. Too bad, the comedy really isn't that good. The only somewhat funny quote was "has Gargamel written all over it". Pretty disappointing film, nowhere near the level of the old Smurfs television series. Not recommended.

Reviewed by hamsterschico 10 / 10

Smurfs: Legend Of Smurfy Hollow

Based on the most popular and well-loved Halloween story, "Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" The Smurfs have made their very own version of the story calling it Smurfs: Legend Of Smurfy Hollow. This very cute Short Film Special had Narrator Smurf telling the legendary story of the Headless Smurfman. While being lost in the middle of the Woods and far away from Home Hefty, Clumsy and Panicky rested in the middle of the woods while staying warm around a fireplace. Then comes Narrator Smurf the storyteller of The Smurfs and Smurfs 2 movies. You get to see Smurfette, Brainy, Gutsy and the rest of the Gang in this cute film.

This is a very cute short film with adorable characters and funny quotes from Azreal and Gargamel.

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