The Terror Experiment


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 8% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 3.5/10 10 755 755

Top cast

Lochlyn Munro as Lohan
C. Thomas Howell as Chief Grosso
Judd Nelson as Agent Wilson
Robert Carradine as Dr. Wexler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 4 / 10

A very cheesy Sci-Fy channel type movie that had a better cast then usual. I hope they were going for comedy. I say C-

"They'll label me a terrorist but I'm a patriot." After a disgruntled veteran unleashes a virus in an office building in order to expose a government secret things don't go as planned. A group of uninfected survivors try to escape the quarantined building and get to safety before it's too late. I had no idea what to expect from this movie at all. I have been watching almost everything before watching the preview to help me have a clean slate when I start. I saw the cast and thought this may be OK. I wish I would have seen the preview first. I am not sure if they were going for a serious movie or a over-the-top cheesy comedy movie. I hope to God it was the latter because if they tried to make this a serious movie they failed. If they went for a comedy type movie they did a little better but this is a few steps above the Sci-Fy channel movies (because of the cast). I really thought this was going to be a zombie movie but it turned out to be a comedy (?) version of "Quarantine". Overall, not my kind of movie but some people will like it. I give it a C-.

Reviewed by gavin6942 3 / 10

An Absolute Waste of Talent

This is the story of a building that is part of a "terror experiment" where an explosion happens and then certain people get infected and become feral. You know what happens next.

So, you take some decent actors like Judd Nelson, Robert Carradine, C. Thomas Howell and Jason London... you see their stars have fallen and you have get them cheap. And then you throw a script at them, as they take the bait. Voila! Another infection, pseudo-zombie film.

As I say, what a waste of talent. These guys are actually decent actors, and to put them in something like this gives the film too much credit and tarnishes whatever good name they have. We have seen this story dozens, hundreds, maybe a thousand times. The plot is so unoriginal, it is a surprise it was even made and a bigger surprise that it was distributed. I see several movies a week, and this is among the worst I saw this year.

Reviewed by poolandrews 2 / 10

Bad sci-fi horror Government conspiracy rubbish.

The Terror Experiment is set in the city of Lafayette in Louisiana where a disillusioned war Vet manages to infiltrate a federal building & set off a bomb in a top secret bio-weapons research laboratory which causes a leak of a nerve gas which infects people & turns them into homicidal flesh eating killers. Everyone in the building below the sixth floor is infected as panic sweeps through the building, when the dust settles a handful of survivors are trapped on an upper floor including lowly mailman Loham (Lochlyn Munro), private investigator Mandy (Alicia Leigh Willis), minor employee Cale (Jason London) & a US marine named Tony (Edrick Browne) along with scientist Dr. Wexler (Robert Carradine) who seems to know a lot about what's happening. They must try to work together to find a way out & safety but with mindless killers inside the building & Government agents outside who want to blow the place up to contain the outbreak the odds & time is against them...

Executive produced & directed by George Mendeluk this was originally called Fight or Flight before the distributors changed it to The Terror Experiment & is a really bad, cheaply made clichéd ridden rip-off of several other much better films. The script is a bland mixture of the likes of 28 Days Later... (2002) with it's fast running virus infected who look & act like zombies, there's a bit of Die Hard (1988) here with the federal agents outside the closed off building & there's a scene of an exploding helicopter on the roof which feels directly lifted from the action flick & Quarantine (2008) with various people trapped in a building with zombies & there are other little scenes & ideas that are copied from all sorts of films. The Terror Experiment feels like a SyFy Channel film & that is most definitely not a compliment, the film lasts for just under 80 minutes & it's so dull & bland it feels a lot longer than that. The script tries to generate tension inside the building as the character's try to avoid being torn apart & outside as well with the hard decisions the men in charge have to make to destroy the place with survivors still inside but it drags, all the character's are paper thin so you don't care about them & there's never any sense or urgency or impending disaster. The ending is a damp squib as Cole & Mandy literally just walk out of the place & then there's a few minutes of badly written emotional drama as we are expected to reflect & think about Government conspiracies & those who have sacrificed their lives for us but it has zero impact. While watching The Terror Experiment I couldn't but help that I had seen it all before & it feels like some ninth generation rip-off, there's the usual stupidness too with the huge building seemingly only having one set of stairs, no containment plan or procedures in case of an emergency, a scene in which Mandy & Cole abseil down a flight of stair with a fire hose yet are jerked into the metal stairs & come to a gentle stop yet falling maybe thirty or forty feet straight down & a zombie who has a gun & every time the camera cuts to him he fires it but never seems to run out of bullets...

The Terror Experiment takes itself extremely seriously but the action & horror is lame with no scares or tension at all, I suppose there's no quick machine gun editing or jerky hand-held camcorder crap but that's about the best I can say about it. It's never explained why the virus makes those it infects look like rotting zombies but then I don't think the makers really cared. There's no real gore here & The Terror Experiment feels like it was made with a PG rating in mind, there are a few blood splatters but absolutely nothing else of note.

The IMDb says that this had a budget of about $5,000,000 which I think is total rubbish, there's no way a film this bad & this cheap looking would have cost that much, It's not as if there's an A-list cast here either but it does have some decent talent inboard with the likes of C. Thomas Howell (who looks bored), Judd Nelson, Jason London & Robert Carradine who all deliver bland performances.

The Terror Experiment is as bland & dull & clichéd a rip-off as there is out there, there's really nothing of any interest to horror or sci-fi or zombie fans. Don't waste 80 minutes of your time.

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