Tin & Tina

2023 [SPANISH]

Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7/10 10 2830 2.8K

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pjkblue-35926 1 / 10

Wanted to give 1/2 star...

What a piss-poor movie, but like I always say... the cast and crew got a payday.

Kill the family dog?

No problem. Kids being kids.

Tie Mom to the bed prepped for some injection?

No problem. Kids having creative family time.

Storage box of crucifixes and other religious items?

No problem. Kids need a hobby.

See God by suffocating your sibling?

No problem. Kids were just playing.

This film is a total mess, poorly acted and terribly written.

Husband on fire...crawls to the front door...becomes even more of a walking blaze as he stumbles into the living room and doesn't she say "Keep out!"? Or some such line. So why does he burst into uncontrollable flames?

Oh, yes...how could I forget the "baby baptism".

This is an example of the way Netflix spends a-gazillion dollars for filmmakers to showcase crap.

Reviewed by honeybloggs-69648 6 / 10

Children of the Corn

It was a nod to Stephen King's Children of the Corn . The acting was great by the two kids and the entire cast were good too .

The director created an eerie atmosphere and suspense.. It was a novel idea in the aspect that religion can be misinterpreted and so can have negative results However the film displayed that miracles can happen too. What didn't make sense is that when the kids sedated the dog, then cut him up , took his heart out , put it back and then sewed him up again , the parents thought the kids had innocently made a mistake by interpreting the Bible literally . The Bible refers to death a lot so the kids at their age would know that cutting up a dog would kill it, yet in the film the kids didn't know that, which was ridiculous

The ending was totally predictable. However I've seen much worse films in the cinema , Meghan for example . Overall it's a fun horror to see with a bowl of popcorn .

Reviewed by Shakthi87 7 / 10


Uncomfortable and an interesting watch. The pace is a good speed, the twins very creepy and the overall acting quite good. The low ratings are very hard to understand. It is a breath of fresh air for the genre, even if there is not really any deep plot or metaphor besides religious speculation and existence, however there are still interesting ideas and questions that are raised. Is it mind blowing , perhaps not, but I appreciate the art and the talent put into the film. I have not reviewed recently, but I was struck and confused by the low ratings, and wanted to speak up for the movie, especially when most new products on Netflix and other streaming is garbage.

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