2009 [ITALIAN]

Comedy / Western

IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 722 722


Top cast

Evgeniya Chernyshova as Elizabeth
Ornella Muti as Debra 'Tricky' Downing
Terence Hill as Doc West
Raoul Trujillo as Medicine Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5 / 10

All that was missing was Bud...

"Triggerman" seems like a trip back in time, back to when Terrence Hill had his peeking days with Bud Spencer. This spaghetti western have all the elements of that, and it actually works out nicely enough.

The story in "Triggerman" is about a small town by the name of Holy Sands, where a woman has a dream to build a hospital. Doc West (played by Terrence Hill) is in for the plan, and the town puts together a poker tournament which draws in gamblers of all sorts from all over. By winning the tournament, Doc West will be able to have enough money to help build the hospital, but of course not all gamblers are of a pure heart and plays with a straight hand.

Storywise, then it is essentially something right out of the good old Terrence Hill movies. So for fans of him, then this movie should hit the spot.

The acting in the movie was quite alright, and they had some good actors and actresses on the cast list. I was just a little baffled about how much in appearance the sheriff (played by Paul Sorvino) was to Bud Spencer. A coincidence or on purpose? Well, regardless, it was fun to watch.

There isn't all that much comedy in "Triggerman", and as such, this movie does deviate somewhat from the older Terrence Hill movies. Whether or not you like that, well that is individual of course. I, however, did enjoy it and was thoroughly entertained by "Triggerman".

"Triggerman" is a fun movie to watch, good entertainment, generic and predictable story - yes - but fun nonetheless.

Reviewed by etoiwins 7 / 10

Great Western Movie

I watched both Doc West movies and I hope to see a 3rd Doc West movie. I Like Terence Hill and I like Paul Sorvino. I really like watching both movies and they are terrific. It is refreshing to see a wholesome western with some good content in it. it kind of reminds me of the days that the A-Team was on T.V. Nobody gets killed except for maybe one person. Not a whole lot of violence in this movie which means it is a good old family movie. This is a kind of movie that makes me think of Night of the Grizzly, The Bonanza TV series, and a few live action western movies Disney made from the 1960's thru the 1970's. This movie is filled with human emotion, romance and some life lessons that kids will learn. Paul Sorvino gives a wonderful performance as the sheriff in both movies. It is nice to see him playing a character that is good. I am hoping to see where Doc West will take us next. I can't wait to see a third Doc West movie!

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger 3 / 10

Sequel to DOC WEST - A doctor wants to help town by building a hospital through poker winnings. Overall kinda lame...I say D+

A drifter (Hill) comes back to the town of Holy Sand and wants to help the locals by building a hospital, but needs money. In the sequel to Doc West (not necessary but helpful to watch first), Doc West (Hill) is still in high demand as a doctor. After half the town gets hurt in a bar fight he realizes its time to open up a hospital. He turns to the only way he knows in order to make money, a poker tournament. When an evil Dutchman rides in to town, (to compete and stop West from getting the money he needs) West must decide what is more important, the money or love. If you liked the first one you will probably like this one as well. For me, low budget TV movies with bad acting are not my thing. I give it a D+.

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