Twisted Neighbor



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Natalie Brown as Jillian
Kathryn Kohut as Colleen Kirk
Samantha Helt as Ashton
Myles Erlick as Quinn
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Reviewed by ryleilove 4 / 10

I'm A Good Neighbor B!+C#

Kudos to Tubi for their "unique" storylines lately. Unique in quotations because they aren't new storylines, but different than Tubis usual.

While not award winning acting, I actually enjoyed this movie. It was like a comedy, drama, semi-mystery. I think the actors (all but one who shall remain nameless) did pretty ok playing their roles especially because the budget for this one was on the lower side.

The cinematography was good for this type of movie - nice houses with beautiful lawns, lighting for each scene was perfect, fitting wardrobe, etc.

My favorite scene was when they did shrooms. It was hilarious because it was so believable. I've watched movies where the characters got lifted and you could tell they were acting and it was just horrible, but they did pretty good. It gave me a good laugh.

I recommend this one to get you by. It wasn't bad.

Reviewed by catrine-48845 6 / 10

Kind of like a Hallmark movie

Oh, I wasn't really sure how to rate this movie. Most people would probably dislike it. It's kind of like a Hallmark and a lifetime movie combined. It's a murder mystery and I do like the lead actress was kind of dumb at some parts but overall I found it entertaining It killrd an hour and a half of time, I'm running out of shows to watch, but I always seem to find something on Tubi . They have a lot of 80s and 90s movies. Some are better than others. If you do like lifetime movies then you will probably like this . Give it a Give it a try. If you have nothing else to watch, Otherwise I would say skip it. FYI , There was no bad language or nudity in this film.

Reviewed by Jblum5 2 / 10

Soap Opera without any Suds

Twisted Neighbor is a story about an outsider who moves into a nosy neighborhood with stereotypical overbearing HOA families. A murder takes place and our protagonist takes it upon herself to solve it.

This movie feels so muddled down it is hard to describe. This movies characters are not real people but just walking and talking plot elements. Not a single person in the entire neighborhood has any children. They are rude, one sided, flat and unlikable so that each one will be a possible suspect- and for no other apparent reason. At one point the police are called and the entire neighborhood is outside within 30 seconds. Not a single person was busy. Because of this it almost feels like a parody at times and I don't think that is in intention.

This movie also has a PG to PG13 rating that sanitizes a lot of intense moments, specially with the dialogue. I think the story could lead to some "adult" elements but stops halfway and it leaves it dull and uninteresting because of the terrible writing.

Overall this is a hard skip for most people who use IMdB and a watch for people whose top 10 movies of all time are lifetime originals. Terrible writing, awful characters and an underwhelming plot will leave most viewers wishing they never moved into this neighborhood.

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