Upon Entry

2022 [SPANISH]


Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100% · 9 reviews
IMDb Rating 7.1/10 10 1135 1.1K

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Ben Temple as Agent Barrett
Alberto Ammann as Diego
Laura Gómez as Agent Vásquez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

A stagy and low-budget film with a few actors giving a very good performance.

Diego (Albert Ammann), a Venezuelan urbanist, and Elena, a contemporary dancer from Barcelona, move to the United States with their approved visas to start a new life. Their intention is to boost their professional careers and start a family in 'the land of opportunities'. But upon entering New York airport's immigration area, they are taken to the secondary inspection room, where border officers and agents (Ben Temple, Laura Gómez, David Comrie, Colin Morgan) will subject them to an unpleasant inspection process and a psychologically grueling interrogation. Along the way, they're flagged by the border agents and forced to endure an invasive probe into their lives. During the following few hours, the fate of Elena, Diego and their dreams is placed under question as the official who interviews them reveals hidden secrets they have not yet shared with each other or disclosed in the previous application process, endangering the whole process and their mutual trust.

Bruna Cusi (Summer 1993, La Vampira de Barcelona, El sustituto ) and Alberto Ammann (Celda 211, Narcos, Betibú) star in this suffocating thriller in which they play a young couple - he is Venezuelan, she is Spanish - who travels to the United States in search of a change in life. An interrogation room always arouses tension and nervousness in those being interrogated, but the suspense is even greater if it is located in the immigration zone of the United States. Upon arriving at the immigration zone, they are immediately taken to an inspection room where they are subjected to an indiscreet and violent interrogation in which dark hidden secrets will emerge.

Alejandro Rojas, Juan Sebastián Vasquez's debut film is a critique of the American immigration system based on mistrust, abuses of power, racism and the use of terror as a tool of coercion. The film got several nominations and prizes, such as: Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2023 Nominated Best Film International Competition Alejandro Rojas, Juan Sebastián Vasquez 2023 Ganador SIGNIS. Award International Competition Málaga Spanish Film Festival, Nominado Golden Biznaga Best Spanish Film Alejandro Rojas, Juan Sebastián Vasquez , Alberto Ammann 2023 Ganador Silver Biznaga Best Actor. Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival 2023 Ganador Critics' Prize "Mustapha Mesnaoui" Main Competition Alejandro RojasJuan Sebastián Vasquez. Raindance Film Festival 2023 Nominado Raindance Award Best Screenplay Alejandro RojasJuan Sebastián Vasquez. José María Forqué Awards Alberto Ammann 2023 Nominado José María Forqué Award Best Actor Alberto Ammann. Kolkata International Film Festival Carles Torras 2022 Ganador Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Best Film Alejandro Rojas (director)Juan Sebastián Vasquez (director)Carles Torras (producer) Carlos Juárez (producer), among others. Rating: 6/10. Acceptable y passable film , though some tiring and dull.

Reviewed by dvg757 5 / 10

Well made but left me confused.

This review contains major spoilers. I will be discussing major plot points and the ending. Please don't read further if you don't want to know what happens in the film.

A Spanish-speaking couple arrive in America from Spain and show their passports to the immigration officer who asks them to come with him while further checks are made. The woman is Spanish and the man is originally from Venezuela. The officers questioned them and their questions were perfectly reasonable, especially in light of what we learned about the two subsequently. It became apparent that the man had been trying to game the immigration system and was with this Spanish woman out of convenience, which the Spanish woman had genuinely been unaware of. All of the acting and direction in the film was excellent. I have never been in this sort of situation of being questioned by immigration officers but everything rang true and felt authentic, it was almost like watching a fly on the wall documentary.

Near the end the film got to the point where it looked like the woman would be allowed entry into the US because she had done nothing wrong and had a legitimate visa but the man would be refused because he was there under false pretences and had tricked his female companion. And then right at the end, the immigration officer called them to his desk, stamped their pasports, gave them back to them and welcomed them to America. Then it ended. I still don't know what the film's message was? Is it that the immigration system is stupid and should have just let them in (and perhaps should just let anyone in) without asking questions? Why after establishing clearly that the man was there under dubious circumstances, would they have allowed him in? It made no sense to me. He had no visa in his own right and didn't even have a job offer. If they had denied him entry then I don't think many people would have taken issue with it. My guess is a lot of people would have been confused by this ending.

It is a political film with a political message, but if that message is misunderstood by its viewers then the film has to be considered a failure. However, the acting, writing and direction are so good that it is still worth seeing. Perhaps you will understand it better than I do. Well made but confusing film.

Reviewed by zero-705-646155 1 / 10

Why so hard?

It is very clear that the US does not want any more immigrants. The film makes it very clear how much they can stop immigrants from entering. On the other hand, it shows extremely unsympathetic agents, and most controversially, immigrants themselves. They want to convey the idea that Americans are perfect, so for you to be accepted there you have to be at least a saint of a person. A pure person. An example of a citizen since the day he was born. It doesn't seem like the case with the interviewers. Also remembering that immigrants have ALWAYS done the heavy work in the USA. They could be treated with a little more respect! I would never ask for a visa to enter the USA, not even as a tourist.

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