'V for Vendetta' Unmasked



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daishi1938 9 / 10

A very good movie of a very good comic book mini series

This is an excellent film based on a 1984 comic book written by Alan Moore. Moore wrote V for Vendetta about Ms. Thatcher and apathetic societies who do nothing when their government gets out of line. The Wachowski's did take some events from modern times and incorporate it into their story, but it is still based on a retired politician that retired close to 20 years ago.

Individuals need to stop making it about themselves and the US (since it's not about it regardless of what you might believe). Considering the comic was written over 20 years ago I do not see how individuals (such as one particular person in the US military)can view it as propaganda designed to attack whatever they decide is the "truth".

The fact is, it is an extremely cerebral movie that looks at what happens in society when people do nothing, and whether the ideals of one person can make others rise up in the face of tyranny. The action sequences were excellent, acting was amazing and the storyline based loosely on the comic did a great job considering it was only 2 hrs in length.

I recommend this to anyone that wishes to be entertained on a physical and mental level.

Reviewed by sweetszqt 10 / 10

Extremely Entertaining

(FYI - This might be a confusing place to list this since I was looking for the movie I saw last night - see 'V for Vendetta 2005' for that mind-blowing post-modern flick starring Natalie Portman)

Visually provocative, cinematically delicious, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! This was the best eight dollars I've spent in my long history of film-going! I dare say it trumps City of God in this regard.

I love the way McTeigue captures the the spirit of revolution in a world caked with corruption and evil. I love the noticeable parallels he draws between modern politics and the apocalypse--truly disconcerting, but most definitely filled with hope!

This is certainly for people who love great cinematic experiences!

Reviewed by miri2009 9 / 10

for today's day and age

This movie is worthwhile to watch for anyone living in this "Age of Terrorism" and where all this us versus them talk could lead us. Also shows us that that the more things change, the more things stay the same. It's like regressing 70 years, only this movie takes place in the future and is based on our reality today. It is in comic strip form, but I felt like I was watching a very realistic movie - very well construed and incredibly timely. It leaves you wondering about where today's governments are leading us, and I hope that this movie, if nothing else, sparks reflection on the discourse we hear day in and day out and will leave people looking at all this fear-inciting "security" talk in a different light.

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