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Reviewed by dhruvdwivedi-30126 10 / 10

What a movie

It's fabulous in every sense the characters,the story,the emotional rollercoaster,the suspense,the reality and the comedy I cried I laughed I cursed to such people's who do this wrong with such innocent creatures. Thanks for this movie I loved it A mustttttt watch. Please watch it deserves alot more recognition and everyone should know some reality of the society before blaming any animal,they are born innocent it is us people who treat them like toys and expect them to be emotional for our needs only and become emotionless when it come to theirs everyone in this world deserves love this movie showed it.

Reviewed by ngandacinema 6 / 10

Thank you for this innovative project!

So great to see real dogs in action, Valatty was pure and elegant, we loved it. Kudos to the cast, crew, and dog trainers for such a great work??


-Seeing fury actors was a nice change after watching a lot of disastrous movies lately. What made it even more special was that the camera movements mimicking the dogs' view, so cool

-Karidas and Bruno were our fav dogs; they had unique charismas. Have to give it up for Bruno's introduction?

-The color yellow was dominant; It symbolized many things, like energy, especially when Bruno is first introduced it brought out his negative aura, and it also reflected happiness in Tomy's and Amalu's lives

-'Planet earth is a space to co-exist', and thats exactly what we saw. Treat animals the way you want to be treated


-The fillm is about Tomy and Amalu, but they unfortunately lacked personality. They were just there, nothing too outstanding about their behavior

-Overall, the screenplay needed more complexity, it was great to see two dogs elope, but after that, there wasn't much dynamics.

It would have made a difference to see spectacular dog skills or clever ways to resolve problems. More entertaining moments would have also kept the flow going.

The momentum seemed a bit flat with a very low comedy and plain dialogues.

Reviewed by / 10

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