Vendetta Road



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by surfisfun 5 / 10

dont believe the high review, this is student movie material.

Even the front cover of the film try to mislead to the vendetta anarchist mask wt the semblance of mustache , No connection at all, just a huge mislead.

The movie is not well directed and acted , feel to me like a film school project without much of a script, The film rely on the main actress shoulder, but without much to go with, uninspired cinematography, no charismatic actors , a story not well developed and under produced, i dont know who will like this one . If you are interested in student film acting and underwhelming everything, this is ok i guess, but because of the front cover trying to cash on vendetta, i would recommend a pass on this one .

Reviewed by photo-859-401631 7 / 10

Fun thriller that starts slow but ends with action

This is a suspense thriller with action that starts slow but, once the story kicks in, held my attention with a few surprises along the way. I liked the lead actress and she keeps my sympathy throughout the film but some of the supporting characters aren't as strong. Still, I liked the dynamics between the characters and the set up for the story is good. The cinematography is good and I liked the sense of place of this rural American landscape. My favorite parts were the score (it builds the suspense really well) and the direction. The direction is kept tight for the suspense scenes and the action scenes have a nice visual kick to them. I'd be interested in seeing what this director would be with a higher budget and a tighter story.

Reviewed by kjs1144 9 / 10

A Captivating Thriller

Vendetta Road is a thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end. A campground manager gets entangled in a mafia hunt on the campgrounds. The story is well written, with a plot that has countless twists and turns. You will find yourself trying to guess what the characters will do and exactly where their loyalties lie. The director did a great job with the cinematic, stylistic shots, and the use of camera movement. I also loved the Kansas filming locations. This movie is well worth your time, so if you're looking for a great thriller to watch, check this one out!

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