Voyage of the Chimera


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 2.9/10 10 179 179


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shawnlvxmarketing 1 / 10

Student film quality if they got an F

With a cast of many, there isn't one actor aboard this space adventure. Low budget is no excuse for being a bad film. El Mariachi proved that. They probably spent more on this and it doesn't show. Watching it now I ask myself, should I even finish this crap or just watch Seinfeld repeats? It's just so awful I beg you not to even start it. I would bet my life saving that the "10" reviews are from the cast and crew or their friends. There is no way any sane person would watch five minutes of this dreck without shutting it off. Or maybe hate watch it with friends. It does kinda scream for MST3k viewing.

Reviewed by dorgotti 10 / 10

Very good for a Micro Budget film.

After hearing the story of how this project came to be, I am actually surprised how well it has come together. Yes there are a few places where it can be improved, Hopefully on the next chapter the crew will improve, But for the Movie itself, for what is is without having the big budget for special effects and all the action and glitter. To me it was more of a brand new crew trying to find a connection between each other and how to pull off an amazing feat with little to no experience. I would love to see how the crew will take on the next chapter in their voyages and to see the future improvements from these film makers.

Reviewed by JoeB131 2 / 10

Interesting concepts, poor execution

Okay, the movie had some interesting concepts, a future starship in a time when humanity has colonized the stars, and different factions run their own spaceships, hunting smugglers and pirates. A formerly wealthy family buys a ship and a captain's commission for their aristocratic son, but he really has no idea how to command a ship.

The sets are kind of nice for the budget they must have had, and the optical effects are decent, but any nerd can render nice looking spaceships on their computer these days.

The story is slow-paced, with dragged scenes of the crew and their problems. There are a bunch of plot threads that don't go anywhere, like the Marines who are supposedly part of a religious cult, but they don't go anywhere with it.

The other thing that struck me as strange, was no female cast members. I think there was one character who must have been someone's grandmother reading a letter from home. "READ THE LINE, NANA!" but we are to believe the space force of the future is all male?

The uniforms look like someone got them at a Navy Surplus store, which again, it's 600 years in the future, and you haven't advanced your clothing technology any?

The real problem was the acting. None of these guys could act. And looking at the IMBD page, most of them only have credits for this. This movie might have had a lot more heft if it had better dialog, better actors and a more concise plot.

The ending is open ended, like the people who made this really expect their to be sequels after they sold it to Amazon Prime for whatever they bought it for.

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