Women in Trouble


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29% · 24 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 6456 6.5K

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Carla Gugino as Elektra Luxx
Adrianne Palicki as Holly Rocket
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by madbandit20002000 9 / 10

A Skinamax film meets a Lifetime film meets a Kevin Smith film

On the surface, "Women In Trouble", the fifth film from Sebastian Guitterez ("Rise"; co-wrote "Snakes On A Plane") looks like your typical sex comedy, packed with attractive, well-endowed dames. It does have the dames, but they-and the film-are surprisingly three-dimensional and quaint, making the film a must-see.

Circumstances, wacky and serious, locks the film's vignettes, featuring different women, all Los Angeles residents: infamous porn actress Electra Luxx (the impressive Carla Gugino of "Watchmen", "Faster", Sin City", "Sucker Punch" and other films directed by Mr. Guitterez, her longtime boyfriend) learns she's pregnant; her ditzy co-worker Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki of "Friday Night Lights: The Series") gets in trouble with gangsters during a "pro gig" with pal Bambi (Emmauelle Chirqui of "You Don't Mess With The Zohan").

Meanwhile, therapist Maxine (Sarah Clarke of "24") gets drunk when she learns her husband (Emmy nominee Simon Baker of "The Mentalist") is having an affair with a patient's mother (Caitlin Keats) from the patient herself, old soul goth gal Charlotte (Mr. Guitterez's niece, Isabella) and flight stewardess Cora (Marley Shelton of "Grindhouse" and "Scream 4") has a Mile High Club fling with rocker Nick Chapel (Oscar nominee Josh Brolin of "Milk") ends gallows funny.

If you're expecting full frontal nudity, forget it, but that doesn't mean "Women In Trouble" is a waste of time. Imagine the sexiness of a soft-core porn film on Cinemax, the female angst from a Lifetime movie and the profane/profound humor of a Kevin Smith film and you have this underdog gem.

With a fun script and tight direction, Guitterez treats his cast pretty well and, while in their roles, they shine in their ups and downs. Also included in the mix are Connie Britton (also of "FNL") as Charlotte's "aunt" who has a dark secret; Rya Kihlstedt as a shotgun-totting, lesbian barkeep; Cameron Richardson as the barkeep's masseuse roommate from Canada and Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon ("The Jamie Foxx Show") as Cora's pal. There's also a Q&A session, post-end credits scroll, involving Electra and Holly with an over-eager Internet reporter (Joseph Gordon-Levitt of "Brick" and "Inception") that starts out a bit weak but ends funny. Ms. Shelton's sister, Samantha, belts out a sweet tune in a bar.

Pretty girls have problems too, and "Women In Trouble" proves that with a thoughtful chuckle.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

indie of interconnected characters

Elektra Luxx (Carla Gugino) is an L.A. porn actress who is horrified to find she's pregnant from rocker Nick Chapel (Josh Brolin). Nick dies in an airplane washroom having sex with flight attendant Cora (Marley Shelton). Elektra gets stuck in an elevator with Doris (Connie Britton). Doris admits to having a baby with her meth-dealing crazy boyfriend. He got arrested and she left her baby with her sister Addy. Addy has taken Charlotte as her own daughter. Charlotte is in therapy with Dr. Maxine McPherson (Sarah Clarke). Abby is having an affair with her husband Travis (Simon Baker). Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki) is a fellow porn actress who does work with call-girl Bambi (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Bert Rodriguez (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a sex blogger.

Like most interconnected multiple-storied movies, there are some characters that are more interesting than others. On the whole, I find enough to compel me to keep watching. The McPhersons' marriage problem is a little tiresome. I like the wild adventures of Adrianne Palicki and Emmanuelle Chriqui. They have a Thelma and Louise vibe. Elektra serves more as the connective tissue. Doris has a nice scene with Charlotte.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

Not to be missed...

This was an interesting movie, and very nicely told as well.

I thought this movie would be a movie for women mostly, but it was quite alright for guy audiences also, as the story is touching and warm. In this movie you got laughs, tears, hopes and fears. Pretty much covers it all here, and it come out as a marvelous piece of work. Of course, I do not doubt that women audience will delve deeper into the movie and the characters portrayed herein, as the main characters are all female and the story follows their struggles to cope with the situations that life deal them.

The cast was nice, and they all portrayed their characters well, bringing them to life on the screen. You get a lot of story to each character so you can immerse yourself in their situations. Every character of the story brings with her (or him) something unique and touching to the story. The way the characters are brought to life is made in a real believable manner, so you can easy identify yourself with these people.

All story lines entwined well on the screen and there was a wholesome feeling to the entire movie. And the movie deals with real life situations, situations that we all can related to on one level or another. That is what makes the impact of this movie so profound.

I was thoroughly entertained from start till end. And I think you should give this movie a chance, it is somewhat of an underrated gem in the rough. It makes for good, solid entertainment.

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