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Reviewed by bh_tafe3 9 / 10

Randy Savage: Wrestling God

Well, not quite. But this certainly was a very impressive night in the career of "The Macho Man" as he won four matches, including the final three tournament matches of the night to win his first WWE Championship in a 14 man tournament.

This is a true PPV with literally everything built around, and leading to, the Main Event. As a huge Macho Man fan I loved every second of this show, and while he did need help from Hulkster to defeat DiBiase in the tournament final, he'd been in three matches earlier in the night so few could deny he'd earned his luck. And it kicked off the Megapowers storyline that would prove so entertaining over the next 12 months.

The first match of the night was a twenty man Battle Royal. Battle Royals are always fun and this one is won by Bad News Brown after evil shenanigans. He and Bret Hart had teamed together near the end of the match and they both eliminated Junk Yard Dog. Hart wanted to share the honours with Brown, but Brown betrayed Hart and threw him out of the ring. And so Brown was awarded a trophy, but Hart was having none of it, knocking Brown out with the trophy and with that one act going from a bad guy to a good guy. Important moment in WWE history right there.

Now, the story behind the tournament was that evil heel manager Bobby Heenan had been trying to get the WWE Title off Hogan for years without success. He did come close though when he turned Hogan's former friend Andre the Giant against him and managed Andre in a match with Hogan at Wrestlemania 3. Heenan then joined forces with the rich and evil Ted DiBiase and using Heenan's human resources and DiBIase's money they were finally able to get the title off Hogan and onto Andre. But Ted went too far arranging with Andre to forfeit the title to him. WWE President Jack Tunney stepped in and vacated the title putting it up for grabs in a 14 man tournament. Hogan and Andre drew a first round bye.

Now comes the first round of the tournament to determine new WWE Champion. Ted DiBIase defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan with help from Andre the Giant, Dino Bravo got himself disqualified to lose to Don Maruco, Greg Valentine defeated Ricky Steamboat in the best of the first round matches, Randy Savage took care of Butch Reed and One Man Gang defeated Bam Bam Bigelow by countout due to shenanigans with evil managers, and in an important result Jake Roberts and Rick RUde battled to a ten minute draw, eliminating both.

In our next, short, match The Ultimate Warrior made his Wrestlemania debut, and squeaked past Hercules. In the time honoured spot of the ref counting with both wrestlers shoulder on the mat, but the hero having the strength to lift his shoulder just in time. Hercules manager Heenan was not happy.

Next came the Quarterfinals, the first of which saw Hogan taking on the man who'd beaten him for the title a couple of months earlier Andre the Giant, and they were both disqualified after hitting each other with chairs. Hulkamania was dead and he was out of the title race. Eliminated by the perfect plan between evil manager Bobby Heenan and the maniacal Million Dollar man Ted DiBiase. Dibiase defeated Dan Muraco, despite Muraco having the help of Superstar Billy Graham and so earned a bye straight into the tournament final. Randy Savage defeated Greg Valentine in a decent match and would face One Man Gang for a spot in the final after the Roberts/ Rude count out had given OMG a bye.

The night stalled with Honky Tonk Man getting himself disqualified against Brutus Beefcake to retain the Intercontionental Title and THe Islanders and Bobby Heenan winning a six man tag match against the British Bulldogs and Koko B Ware.

One Man Gang got himself disqualified in the tournament semi final after hitting Savage with a cane. Could Randy Possibly beat a rested DIBIase after that beating? First we had to see Demolition Axe and Smash defeat Strike Force Rick Martel and Tito Santana to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.

And finally came the moment everyone had waited all night for as Randy Savage capitalised on a chair shot from Hulk Hogan to hit the Flying Elbow on Ted DiBIase and win the WWE Championship. Hogan and Savage celebrated the victory together. The Mega powers had beaten the MIllion Dollar Plan and saved the WWE from the evil DiBiase.

Don't try to rate this, Just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. Awesome PPV.

Reviewed by paudieconnolly 7 / 10

If it's not broke why fix it.

A knock competition is something I think ? could make a great annual tournament and could feature different titles each year depending on what is vacant at the time. This being so different from wrestlemania formula that was built to a high at wrestlemania 3 does not feel like it builds on that instead trying something new.

Reviewed by zkonedog 10 / 10

The Tournament

Sometimes it just takes a huge event, a "happening" in the words of Gorilla Monsoon, to jump- start a product. The WWF's big tournament to crown a champion in the wake of a vacated belt was just that for the Wrestlemania brand.

For the past three years, Wrestlemania had relied a bit too much on celebrities and gimmicks to get by. It was still a unique event, but until Steamboat/Savage & Hogan/Andre in Wrestlemania III the matches really didn't seem to mean all that much or create enough drama. That all changes in Wrestlemania IV because of the tournament, where every single match takes on added significance.

Basically, this is the event where the WWF finally lets the matches "do all the talking", so to speak. There is very little celebrity involvement (a recurring bit regarding Vanna White and Bob Uecker is pretty funny) in lieu of solid matches. Besides the Jake Roberts vs. Rick Rude contest, I can't really say that any of the matches in this event are boring (again, because of the presence of the tournament format). The wrestling speaks for itself, as do the personalities behind it.

Wrestlemania IV is still announced by the Monsoon/Ventura team...the best in the business, IMHO.

So, this is the first Wrestlemania that the WWF really gets right and produces a very polished product. It just took the large-scale tournament format to kickstart the process.

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