You're Not Alone



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Michael Jai White as Keith Mitchell
Precious Way as Alexis Mitchell
Yissendy Trinidad as Sara Gutierrez
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Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic 2 / 10

A fifth grade drama class can write, produce and direct a better film.

How can an experienced filmmaker Chris Stokes with over 40 directorial credits and almost as many writing and producing credits come up with such nonsense... aren't you supposed to get better the more films you make instead of worse? Aside from the obvious Scream rip-off, adding a predictable and infantile 5-minute twist at the end doesn't justify wasting viewers time with this mess.

Stokes also seems he hasn't learned how to direct his cast properly, because aside from MJW (who was the only draw to see this mess) who can carry his own without cast direction, every other actor seemed like this was their first acting job. And if you want to see this film because of MJW, trust me, you will see zero of his martial arts skills, he was only cast to draw an audience, that like myself, will be very disappointed.

Aside from MJW, all casting and performances were amateur hour. The story was riddled with plot and technical issues, and aside from being cliched, you will get more eyerolls and cringe with the laughable dialogue and nonsense screenplay. Even at a normally comfortable 85 min runtime, this film dragged on and felt never-ending with it's sappy dialogue, terrible acting, and cringeworthy story. Even the pin-hole camera shots were more annoying than effective. There's nothing redeemable about this mess, and I can go on and on how bad this was, but I've already wasted enough time watching this mess so you don't have to, so enough said. It's a generous 2/10 all going to MJW who was miscast and underutilized. My tittle says it all.

Reviewed by fdkdpr 1 / 10

Bad Movie Casserole

If your would like to read the recipe for this disaster,

Casserole Recipe: (Equal parts) Bad acting Bad plot Bad writing Bad lighting Bad camera shots

Preheat oven to 375° Mix equal parts of each ingredient.

Add a dash of stupid thriller cliches (to taste) Place in a baking dish.

Grease your with cheesy lines.

Equally spread mixed ingredients baking dish.

Save remaining ingredients to sprinkle on top at the end.

Place baking dish in the center rack.

Let this movie cook for, no longer than, 1.5 hours or however long you can wait.

Experts say to let it cook for 10-15 minutes.

I recommend not baking it at all.

Reviewed by tamagotchipeacemaker 1 / 10

Complete Scream rip off

I only watched this because it had such a high rating on here, what let down. Makes me wonder who Tubi paid for that service. Absolutely predictable from start to finish. The whole premise is a Scream ripoff but ESPECIALLY the opening scene. All the women sound like Kardashians, complete with vocal fry. I should have stoped when I saw someone running upstairs when they had a clear run to the front door. Nothing redeemable in the entire movie. Even the ending with a twist was something I figured they would throw in from the jump. Total waste of time. Not one single original thought to be found.

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