Zed's Dead



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by z_bellzoe 9 / 10

A blast from the past

This is an excellent reference to the pop cult classic. Excellent performances from the cast and really well directed. Feels very Tarantino!

Reviewed by skullfire-96621 6 / 10

Actually, this was as expected

Zed's Dead, is exactly what you wanted it to be.

It never takes itself too seriously, and does not ask the viewer to either.

The movie does not pretend to be more than it is, having said that, people who are not appreciative of this genre, would be better served to avoid this film.

There will be academy awards in Zed's Dead's future, the acting, the directing and even elements of the storyline, are better than other similarly styled movies.

I really enjoyed this film, unfortunately, given the low budget nature, I can only rate it so high, but, overall, it a likable parody.

Zed's Dead lives up to the promises made to potential viewers, while not insulting the original material.

Reviewed by Cinnamental 5 / 10

Pulp references galore; decent b movie.

I saw this for sale in a local movie store and the cover grabbed my attention for the obvious Pulp Fiction reference. I bought it and took it home. From the beginning, seeing familiar characters Z (Zed), M (Maynard), and even "The Gimp". It's sorta funny seeing the home life of the three. The trope of them continuing to slay unsuspecting customers, passers by, and police in their pawn shop that looks more like a living room with a few posters and DVDs in it, sort of gets tiresome. There's no real character development. At a certain point it seems like M is going to branch out and do his own thing from Z after their rift, but it doesn't really happen. The movie ends abruptly and then there's more Pulp Fiction references thrown in. It's decent if you go in not expecting much. I went in with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised with what I got.

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